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We offer a fast, straightforward and cost-efficient pathway to IPO.

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Empowering growth companies

Our market is for entrepreneurial companies seeking visibility and access to growth capital. Its regulatory framework is specifically designed to meet the needs of growth companies.

Increase institutional and retail investment

Aquis Stock Exchange advocates putting the public back in public markets by providing access for both institutional and retail investors.

Service led

Our ‘open door’ policy and supportive team means you get to know us from day one, ensuring we understand your objectives and your growth trajectory is on-track.

Frontier sectors

Just like our companies, we like to push the boundaries, and aren’t shy of emerging sectors and new technologies.

Tax Incentives

Joining our growth market gives both companies and their investors access to a wide range of tax reliefs. Watch this short video to find out more or click here to view our tax guide

7 Steps to IPO

The Aquis Stock Exchange pathway to an IPO is simple, transparent and efficient, saving entrepreneurs time and cost.


Meet with Aquis


Appoint a corporate adviser


Begin the admissions process


Raise capital


Market notice


Final review


IPO complete!

Why IPO?

Attract new capital

Increase and diversify your shareholder base by raising capital from a wider variety of investors from retail to institutional.

Access liquidity

Enables shares to trade freely and facilitates effective trade execution on a regulated secondary market.

Obtain a live market valuation

Provides shareholders with a clear valuation and visible share price at all times.

Retain control of your company

Entrepreneurs can retain a majority control, with a minimum 10% “free float” to be made available to new investors.

Incentivise employees

Use share options to incentivise and retain key members of staff.

Raise your profile

A public market quotation increases your visibility and credibility with potential new clients, investors and other key stakeholders.

Begin your journey to IPO

Example issuers

One Health

One Health Group provides medical services, in the form of elective surgical care, to support the NHS in the management of patients, through a growing network of community-based outreach clinics and independent hospitals. One Health has Any Qualified Provider (AQP) status and provides quality elective care to increasing numbers of NHS patients, through an extensive network of supply partners, which is a proven method for managing and reducing NHS waiting lists.

View more
One Health Logo

Two market segments, one ambition

Early-stage companies cannot be expected to follow the same rules as more established companies. This is why we offer two segments within our growth market. With different rules, expectations, and opportunities, our segments provide the perfect environment for your company to grow.


A market segment designed to be the first stage of being a publicly quoted company. Access is aimed at early-stage companies with little or no trading history.


View companies listed on Access


A top tier market segment for larger, more established growth companies. Apex companies are expected to have a proven growth strategy and higher standards in governance.


View companies listed on Apex

Begin your journey to IPO

Capital Markets Support

How our ongoing engagement benefits you

An IPO is just the start of your journey as a publicly listed company. In order to support your growth story and raise your profile, we have put in place a number of initiatives before, during and after admission.

Capital Markets Support


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