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Aquis Markets offers 6,500+ large-cap and mid-cap securities from 16 European markets, for trading on its UK and European order books. Currencies quoted are the local currency for each security.

UK Security List


These versions of the security list are for information purposes only. To obtain the most up-to-date security reference data, firms are advised to use the daily reference data files that Aquis provides to customers via FTP.

For the purpose of the Aquis Fair Usage Policy, large cap, mid cap and small cap securities are classified as follows:

  • Large cap securities are, by market capitalisation, the top 20 Belgian, top 20 Danish, top 25 Dutch, top 25 French, top 30 German, top 20 Irish, top 40 Italian, top 25 Norwegian, top 20 Portuguese, top 30 Swedish, top 20 Swiss and top 100 UK securities.
  • Mid cap securities are the next tranche of the largest stocks in each market e.g. UK 250, French 80, Dutch 25 and 50 German.
  • Small cap securities are any other securities available for trading on Aquis Exchange which fall outside of the above definitions.
Map of countries where Aquis Markets operate


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