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Market Surveillance

Real time regulatory grade surveillance

Stand-alone market surveillance system providing regulatory-grade, real-time monitoring and alerts.

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Unparalleled real-time capability

The AMS processes over 130 million messages in under 6 seconds. Real-time alert stream identifies disorderly trading conditions and potential breaches of rules

Market abuse indicators

Derived from complex algorithms and reflecting sophisticated alert logic. All alert parameters are easily adaptable and can be modified in real time

Order book replay & visualisation

Analysts can ‘step through’ the order book for a single consolidated view of all trading data. Visualisations instantly display the lifecycle of a specific order or trade

Key features

Message lifecycle display

The system visualisation instantly displays the lifecycle of a specific order or trade in terms of submission, modification, cancellation and execution

Multi asset class

A suite of highly customisable alerts is offered, which can be configured to any asset class

Real-time supervision

The real-time alert stream identifies market volatility, disorderly trading conditions, potential breaches of exchange/company rules and specific market abuse scenarios

Management information system

AMS offers powerful reporting tools to generate detailed records of alerts by type and user over a specified timeframe

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