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Building better markets

Power your market with the market-leading exchange infrastructure technology and services.

Unmatched performance

Aquis Technologies offers highly performant products. Its matching engine has the industry’s lowest latency. It can accommodate exceptionally high throughput and has built-in fault tolerance making it very robust, reliable with unparalleled availability. The system has been tested to an average message rate of 70,000 messages per second, based on 2,000,000 orders sent in under 30 seconds. This has resulted in an average of 11μs per message in a single session.

Aquis & the Cloud

While most major financial exchanges operate using physical data centres, the infrastructure required to run a trading environment is massive, costly and the required networking to connect to market participants is complex. Aquis is a true pioneer and market leader in full cloud-based deployments. This adds to the range of deployment types Aquis handles which includes fully on-premise deployments, providing the lowest possible latency profiles as well as a hybrid cloud/on-premise structures. Working alongside SGX, one of Asia’s leading multi-asset exchanges, and the AWS Transit Gateway team, Aquis developed a cloud-native financial exchange with very low latency and minimal jitter while using multicasting in a manner consistent with a highly liquid and regulated environment.

Launching A2X Markets

The launch of A2X Markets, a secondary listings platform in South Africa, in October 2017 is a classic David and Goliath story. The fledgling stock market had to leap through several hoops before it was granted a license to compete against the Johannesburg Stock Exchange which had ruled the bourse roost for the last 130 years. It is no wonder that A2X turned to Aquis Exchange not only for cutting edge technology but also for advice on how to create a stock exchange from scratch. A2X launched successfully within a tight deadline. The technology is operating smoothly and A2X is now in direct competition with the incumbent exchange.

Why put an exchange in the cloud?

There’s a variety of reasons exchanges choose to utilise cloud technology, including cost, scalability, efficiency and resilience.

Next generation exchange

Our pioneering exchange technology is coupled with our exchange services to allow markets to efficiently launch institutional-grade modern exchanges quickly and reliably.


Regulated market grade matching engine with 24 / 7 / 365 continuous uptime.

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Matching Engine

Our market leading matching engine enables exchanges to launch a wide range of market types to a regulatory and institutional grade.

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Market Surveillance

The Aquis Market Surveillance (AMS) system is the stand-alone market surveillance system providing exchange-grade, real-time monitoring, parameterisation and alerts.

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Market Gateway

The Aquis Market Gateway (AMG) connectivity hub has been created to facilitate SIs reaching their Counterparties and lowers the barrier to entry for Counterparties wanting to interact with SIs. The relationship between SIs and their Counterparties, such as brokers and vendors, via the AMG is entirely and strictly bilateral and thus in line with the most recent MiFID II rules.

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Single Dealer Platform

The Single Dealer Platform (SDP) has been created using the high-volume, low latency Aquis Matching Engine’s highly modular and scalable platform as a technology base.

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Two service options


Aquis can provide the knowledge and expertise you need to navigate the many complex aspects of setting up and running an exchange. Leverage our highly skilled professionals, with extensive experience in exchange technology, regulation & governance and an excellent track record in delivering advanced and stable systems.

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Live services

We enable exchanges to outsource all, or parts, of the costly operational, infrastructure and surveillance elements of running a market. With deep expertise running regulated trading venues, our industry experts can manage the markets infrastructure, operations and surveillance of your exchange. Greatly reduce fixed staffing costs and provide commercial efficiencies from launch.

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What our customers are saying

A2X Markets

Our aim was to partner with a firm that had new and innovative ways of doing things. We found Aquis was the perfect fit because they had these qualities but also experience in setting up an alternative exchange so they understood the complexities.

Kevin Brady

CEO, A2X Markets

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