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Aquis Stock Exchange Weekly Highlights: 17/11/23



November 17, 2023

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Oberon Investments Group Plc announced that it is eligible for its ordinary shares to commence trading on the Apex segment of the Aquis Stock Exchange. The Apex segment caters for larger, more established businesses, and enforces stricter eligibility criteria to encourage greater liquidity and transparency. Simon McGivern, CEO of Oberon Investments Group plc, said: "I am delighted to now be part of the Apex segment on the Aquis Growth Market. Our move to the Apex segment will provide further visibility to our existing and prospective investors, and we welcome the increased emphasis on transparency, liquidity, and corporate governance, which is entirely aligned with Oberon's strategy." Read more…
Ananda Developments plc announced that its wholly owned subsidiary MRX Medical Limited ("MRX") has signed a Drug Supply Agreement ("DSA") with the University of Edinburgh ("UofE") and the Lothian Health Board ("LHB").
• As announced on 9th March 2023, UofE and LHB are leading a Randomised Controlled Trial ("RCT") on the use of cannabidiol ("CBD") versus placebo in the treatment of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathic pain ("CIPN").
• MRX's patent pending MRX1 cannabidiol oil formulation will be used as the Investigative Medicinal Product ("IMP") in the trial. MRX is supplying the MRX1 CBD formulation and matched placebo.
• MRX has been granted a licence over all arising (generated from the trial) Intellectual Property ("IP") for internal research and development purposes, as well as an option to licence the arising IP for all commercial purposes. MRX will maintain full ownership of all IP related to the IMP and Placebo.
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Vinanz Limited announced that it has signed an agreement to buy 171 Bitmain Antminer S19J Pro (110 Terahash) ASIC Bitcoin miners that are already operational in BlockLab's data centre in Labrador, Canada. Further to the Company's news release earlier in November outlining the Company's plans to triple its North American Bitcoin fleet by adding another 250 ASIC Bitcoin miners in the coming months, Vinanz has signed a deal with Luxor, the Company's preferred North American supplier of Bitcoin miners, that will see 171 ASIC miners bought by the Company from an un-related third party and adding into the Company's wallet on asset transfer scheduled for around the 25th November 2023. Read more…
Quantum Exponential Group plc announced the conversion of its £450,000 investment in Universal Quantum Limited ("Universal Quantum" or "UQ") in exchange for the issue of 84 new ordinary shares of 0.01 pence each ("Shares") at a conversion price of 5,319.47 pence per Share. After the round is closed, UQ will do a 1:1,000 share split resulting in a final shareholding of 84,000 Shares. Following the conversion, the Company will own 84,000 Shares in UQ representing 0.507% of UQ's issued share capital. Steven Metcalfe, CEO of Quantum Exponential said: "We invested in Universal Quantum at a very early stage having recognised the potential of buildable quantum computers. We are thrilled that this potential was also recognised by the German Aerospace Centre, which invested a total of €67 million, to deliver a single-chip and a multi-chip quantum computer consisting of up to 100 qubits. Both machines will utilise the most powerful chip ever developed for a quantum computer. We are delighted to be supportive shareholders in UQ and look forward to following their progress". Read more…
Marula Mining Plc provided an update to the market and shareholders on the activities of the Company for the three-month period ended 30 September 2023. The company provided updates on the Blesberg Lithium and Tantalum Mine, sales agreements, the Kinusi Copper Mine, the Nyorinyori Graphite Project, and a variety of corporate updates.
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