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Since inception in 2013, the SulNOx Group has developed patent pending proprietary technology that now applies to over 70% of every barrel of oil. The market size for the company's products is now over 11 billion litres of petrol, diesel & heavy fuel oil each and every day.

SulNOx aims to become “the energy transition environmental stock” that immediately delivers on the aspirations of global corporations and politicians to move to "net zero emissions by 2050". The SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner is proven and already delivering value for our clients.

• SulNOx technologies’ unique mechanism of action through oxygenation and emulsification of hydrocarbon fuels result in significant prevention of emissions (COx, NOx, SOx and Particulate Matter) before they are created.
• Our conditioners are simply poured into fuel tanks in low volumes and significantly reduce fuel and maintenance costs by improving combustion and lubricity.
• SulNOx not only scavenges to deal with the problem of ubiquitous free-water in fuel (universally viewed as a problematic and costly contaminant), but it also uses any free-water to an advantage by emulsifying it with the fuel.
• The addition of SulnoxEco™ Fuel Conditioners has been certified by the world renowned Bureau Veritas, not to take either diesel or petrol out of their regulatory bands.
• Any diesel or petrol engine in the world can therefore use The SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner, without affecting engine warranties.
• SulNOx delivers long-term stability meaning fuel emulsions can be premixed and stored in tanks and bunkers.
• All the SulNOx products are made under licence by Nouryon, a multinational speciality chemical company with ability to produce bulk quantities globally with short lead times.

The adoption of SulNOx’s technology can make a real contribution to air quality, the climate change debate and save users money at the same time.
Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous Close Volume Last Traded
SNOX GBX 40 45 42.5 42.5 20000 21/04/21

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Market Cap: £36,338,708
Inst Type:Ordinaries
Tradable securities in issue:85,502,843

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19/04/21  |  07:00:00SulNOx Group PLC - Move to the Apex Segment of the AQSE Growth Market
14/04/21  |  07:00:00SulNOx Group PLC - New Commercial Partnership
24/03/21  |  07:00:00SulNOx Group PLC - Appointment of Distributor
25/02/21  |  07:00:00SulNOx Group PLC - Certification of SulNOxEco Fuel Conditioner
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29/01/21  |  17:00:00SulNOx Group PLC - Total Voting Rights
20/01/21  |  07:00:00SulNOx Group PLC - Certification for SulnoxEco Fuel Conditioner
14/01/21  |  07:00:00SulNOx Group PLC - Subscription for New Ordinary Shares
31/12/20  |  12:06:00SulNOx Group PLC - Half-year Report
18/12/20  |  08:45:00SulNOx Group PLC - Option Agreements


Business Address

SulNOx Group Plc , 10 Orange Street, Haymarket, London, WC2H 7DQ, United Kingdom.


Phone: +44 203 291 3638

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10 Orange Street, Haymarket, London, WC2H 7DQ, United Kingdom.


Corporate Adviser

Allenby Capital Limited., 5 St Helen's Place, London, United Kingdom.


Phone: 020 3328 5656


Share Registrars Ltd, The Courtyard, 17 West Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7DR, United Kingdom.


Phone: 01252 821390


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