Newbury Racecourse plc

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The Company owns Newbury Racecourse and stages 29 days of top class Jump and Flat horseracing per year.

In addition the Company derives income from a number of non-racing activities including conferences, exhibitions, and outdoor events.

The Rocking Horse Nursery is located within the Racecourse grounds and is operated by the company.

In September 2012 the company completed a Joint Venture agreement with David Wilson Homes to undertake a major redevelopment of the racecourse as well as a housing development of 1500 homes.
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NYR GBX 900 935 917.5 917.5 250 14.01.22

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Key Information

Market Cap: £30,720,891
Inst Type:Ordinaries
Tradable securities in issue:3,348,326
Sector:Travel & Leisure
% price change since listing:%
% daily price change:0.00%

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Latest Announcements

Date & Time Title
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15.09.21  |  14:06:00NEWBURY RACECOURSE PLC - Director/PDMR Shareholding
15.09.21  |  07:00:00NEWBURY RACECOURSE PLC - Interim Results for the 6 Months Ended 30 June 2021
19.07.21  |  07:00:00NEWBURY RACECOURSE PLC - Move to the Apex segment of the AQSE growth Market
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25.06.21  |  09:59:00NEWBURY RACECOURSE PLC - Notification of Substantial Shareholding
25.06.21  |  09:53:00NEWBURY RACECOURSE PLC - Notification of Substantial Shareholding
02.06.21  |  14:07:00NEWBURY RACECOURSE PLC - Result of AGM
02.06.21  |  07:00:00NEWBURY RACECOURSE PLC - AGM Statement
01.06.21  |  13:46:00NEWBURY RACECOURSE PLC - Director/PDMR Shareholding

Financial Information


Earnings per share of -60.93p for 12/2020 has declined from 53.52p in 12/2018 or -114.45p over the period. Looking at this trend over the last 3 reported periods earnings are showing a decline.

Earnings per share   % growth (1)
Average over 3 periods+-207%
Strength in EPS trend ±

(1) % growth is year on year % change in EPS.

Basic earnings per share are earnings from continuing and discontinued operations that are attributable to current equity holders.

Business Insight

Costs to Revenues ratio of 0.6 in 12/2020 has declined from 0.2 in 12/2018. Operating costs over the period have declined at a slower pace than the Revenues have declined.

Cost to Revenue ratio (2)   Multiple to Revenue
Average multiple over 3 periods+0.3x
Strength of cost to revenue relationship ±

(2) Costs include selling and admin, depreciation, amortisation and other operating costs.


Financial Metric
Price multiple to metric
Relationship strength between metric and share price ±

The Relationship Strength is statistical measure of how close the data is to a line of best-fit line between share price and the metric shown. It is scaled between zero (no relationship) and 5 (strong relationship).

In this case Total Assets has the strongest relationship to share price, with the company's Market Capital value at 0.3x Total Assets.

+ In cases of change in accounting period length, the average is for the last 3 periods. In all cases, it is dependent on published available data and may be for periods shorter than 3 years

± The ‘Strength’ bar shows the strength of the statistical linear relationship of the metrics shown in the chart over the last three periods of data.

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All data provided by Fregnan.

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All data provided by Fregnan.

Last results date:     31.12.20
Enterprise Value £24.85m
EV/EBITDA (5.35)
EV/EBIT (4.26)
PE Ratio (10.67)
PEG (131.35)%
Dividend Yield -
Free Cash Yield (11.01)%

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All data provided by Fregnan.

Income Statement      
Revenue 17,24417,9135,890
Operating Income (EBIT) (1,208)(2,243)(5,834)
Net Income 1,792792(2,040)
Balance Sheet      
Cash 2,2231,2695,529
Total Debt 4,9713,0748,611
Total Liabilities 11,68610,53416,674
Total Equity 50,58551,39548,874
Operating Margin (7.01)%(12.52)%(99.05)%
EPS - Basic 53.52p23.65p(60.93)p
EPS - Growth 51.48%(55.80)%(357.58)%
Dividend Per Share ---
Average Shares Outstanding 3.35m3.35m3.35m
ROA 2.79%1.28%(3.20%)
ROCE (2.06%)(3.95%)(9.74%)
ROE 3.62%1.55%(4.07%)

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All data provided by Fregnan.

Revenue 17,24417,9135,890
Cost of Revenue 14,57316,1178,307
Depreciation & Amortisation 9051,0561,194
Gross Profit 1,766740(3,611)
Other Operating Expenses 2,9742,9832,223
Operating Income (EBIT) (1,208)(2,243)(5,834)
Net Interest Expense 287126150
Unusual Expense (incl. Exceptionals) (917)31(957)
Non-Operating Expense 2,0613,0472,762
Profit (pre-tax) 1,483647(2,265)
Taxation 309145225
Other Expenses and Minortity Interest ---
Net Income 1,792792(2,040)

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All data provided by Fregnan.

Cash from Operations 3,5792,795(365)
Cash from Investing (3,394)(1,761)(835)
Cash from Financing (3,069)(1,988)5,460
Other Miscellaneous ---
Net Cash Flow (2,884)(954)4,260

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All data provided by Fregnan.

Current Assets 9,1496,1969,836
Non-Current Assets 53,12255,73355,712
Total Assets 62,27161,92965,548
Current Liabilities 5,1105,3842,304
Non-Current Liabilities 6,5765,15014,370
Total Liabilities 11,68610,53416,674
Net Assets 50,58551,39548,874
Total Equity 50,58551,39548,874

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All data provided by Fregnan.


Business Address

Newbury Racecourse plc, The Racecourse, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 7NZ, United Kingdom.


Phone: 01635 40015

Registered Address

The Racecourse, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 7NZ, United Kingdom.


Corporate Adviser

Allenby Capital Limited., 5 St Helen's Place, London, United Kingdom.


Phone: 020 3328 5656


Link Group, 10th Floor, Central Square, 29 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 4DL, England.


Phone: +44 (0) 113 467 4000


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