Ananda Developments Plc

AQSE Growth Market -
The Company has been established as a company to invest in companies, projects or products that are:

- Progressing legal Cannabis research and development;

- Seeking to produce or cultivate Cannabis in any jurisdiction in which it is legal to do so;

- Producing or supplying legal products derived from or related to Cannabis (including, but not limited to, hemp and cannabidiol products); and/or

- Commercialising or marketing Cannabis and its derivatives in any form in which it is legal to do so.

The Company will seek investments in companies and projects in jurisdictions which have well developed and reputable laws and regulations for the research and production of Cannabis and in jurisdictions that are signatories to the United Nation’s conventions on narcotics.

Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous Close Volume Last Traded
ANA GBX 0.7 0.75 0.725 0.725 808486 22.10.21

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Key Information

Market Cap: £5,761,882
Inst Type:Ordinaries
Tradable securities in issue:794,742,368
Sector:Financial Services
% price change since listing:-25.64%
% daily price change:0.00%

Latest Trades

Date & Time Volume Price
22.10.21  |  16:35:575000000.66
22.10.21  |  15:18:303084860.7
21.10.21  |  08:04:1710000.749
20.10.21  |  15:25:521332620.7
19.10.21  |  16:16:453000000.754
19.10.21  |  15:40:3222110.75
19.10.21  |  11:39:52754400.75
18.10.21  |  15:37:36764280.754
18.10.21  |  14:01:3123050.754
18.10.21  |  11:14:521257440.8

Latest Announcements

Date & Time Title
21.10.21  |  15:23:00Ananda Developments Plc - Interim Results to 31 July 2021
18.10.21  |  13:07:00Ananda Developments Plc - Exercise of Warrants
06.10.21  |  08:18:00Ananda Developments Plc - Shareholder Update
05.10.21  |  17:01:00Ananda Developments Plc - Exercise of Warrants
23.09.21  |  09:51:00Ananda Developments Plc - Proactive Investors Presentation
23.09.21  |  07:00:00Ananda Developments Plc - Proactive Investors Presentation
17.09.21  |  07:00:00Ananda Developments Plc - Research Facility Construction Update
06.09.21  |  07:51:00Ananda Developments Plc - DJT Plants’ Cannabis Flower approved for Israel Import
31.08.21  |  14:39:00Ananda Developments Plc - Total Voting Rights
24.08.21  |  16:00:00Ananda Developments Plc - Exercise of Warrants


Business Address

Ananda Developments Plc, PLC 6th Floor, 60 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0HR, United Kingdom.


Phone: +44 7392 696517

Registered Address

PLC 6th Floor, 60 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0HR, United Kingdom.


Corporate Adviser

Peterhouse Capital Ltd, 3rd Floor, 80 Cheapside, London, United Kingdom.


Phone: +44 (0)20 7469 0930


SLC Registrars, P.O. Box 5222, Lancing, BN99 9FG, United Kingdom.


Phone: 0203 890 2122


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