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Inteliqo Ltd - Performance Update

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Inteliqo Limited · IQO

25/08/2023 08:05

Inteliqo Ltd - Performance Update PR Newswire

25 August 2023

Inteliqo Limited

(“Inteliqo”, the “Company”)

Performance Update

Inteliqo (AQSE: IQO), a start-up technology company that provides sales, marketing and distribution services to technology product owners under long-term distribution agreements is pleased to provide an update on Inteliqo's recent operational and financial performance.

On August 8th, 2023, it was announced that Inteliqo successfully acquired the Exclusive Sales and Marketing rights to the Langaroo App globally for the next 20 years. This milestone includes the authority to sub-license a diverse array of services, encompassing promotion, marketing, offers for sale, and sales operations.

Our revenue model centres on subscription sales and territory license agreements. Through these avenues, Inteliqo captures a portion of the generated revenue, outlined in a Revenue Share Agreement. This strategic approach to income generation aims to align our success with the overall growth of the Langaroo App.

Strong Quarters and Financial Performance

For the first quarter of the Company’s financial year (April to June 23), Inteliqo generated income of over $400,000 and profit before tax of over $250,000 from the Langaroo App and this income and profit signifies a pivotal point in our journey, as we transition from vision to tangible financial success.

The horizon appears promising as we prepare to launch the Langaroo App on the Google Play and Apple App Store later this month. This strategic move positions us for wider market exposure and user adoption, auguring well for increased revenues in the upcoming quarters.

Information about the Langaroo App (

We are delighted to share an overview of the Langaroo App's capabilities, highlighting its potential value proposition.

Langaroo is a gateway to effortless global communication. Through app stores, users worldwide gain access to a platform that enables seamless conversations across languages. Imagine the power of connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds, regardless of the languages they speak. With over 130 languages supported, Langaroo empowers users to break through communication barriers, fostering connections and understanding on a global scale.

At its core, Langaroo Chat encompasses a comprehensive suite of features that align with modern messaging platforms with the added benefit of built-in translation in over 130 languages. The features include:

  • Seamless Multilingual Chats: Connect with contacts around the world in their preferred languages.
  • Enhanced Group Conversations: Engage in multilingual group chats, fostering collaboration among diverse teams and communities.
  • Effortless Content Sharing: Share multimedia files, locations, and documents effortlessly, enhancing cross-border collaboration.

In addition to the core features of Langaroo Chat, Langaroo also offers:

  • Real-Time Translation: Experience natural text and audio conversations that are instantly translated.
  • Image Scan Translation: With Langaroo, language doesn't hinder sharing information. Instantly translate photos and documents, enabling swift and effective sharing.
  • Multimedia Translation: Watch YouTube videos in your preferred language, making language barriers a thing of the past.

Langaroo empowers social users to navigate foreign environments effortlessly. Engage in multilingual chats and form social groups. For professionals, Langaroo serves as a valuable tool for international business, enabling users to navigate the complexities of the global market landscape, connect confidently with partners, and seize new opportunities.

This announcement may contain “forward-looking” statements and information relating to the Company. These statements are based on the belief of Company management, as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to Company management. The Company does not undertake to update forward-looking statements or forward-looking information, except as required by law.

The directors of Inteliqo Limited accept responsibility for this announcement.

For more information, please contact:

Inteliqo Limited

Joseph Hill      

First Sentinel Corporate Finance Limited

Brian Stockbridge

+44 (0) 203989 2222

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