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WH Ireland Corporate Finance

WH Ireland Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance leads WH Ireland's relationships with its corporate clients, harnessing the services provided by other members of the Corporate Broking division, to ensure that each client receives a highly professional, cohesive advisory and stockbroking service, which fully meets its requirements.
We look to develop long term relationships, founded on the highest degree of trust, where we fulfil each of our client's needs over the long term, not just when they are involved in corporate transactions. Our highly experienced team of corporate financiers is drawn from a variety of backgrounds, which is a significant advantage in providing balanced financial and regulatory advice to our clients. We have extensive experience not only in providing general corporate finance advice and NOMAD services to our clients but also in the full range of transactions, including pre-IPO fundraisings, IPOs, secondary issues, M&A transactions and public offers.
Our focus, in common with that of the firm as a whole, is on the smaller company sector. As a result, Corporate Finance has a deep-rooted understanding of the needs and challenges of such companies. Our over-riding objective is to ensure that each of our clients is as well-positioned as possible to utilise the capital markets to achieve its goals.

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  • 24 Martin Lane London EC4R 0DR
  • 0207 220 1666


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