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XTX Markets, a leading electronic trading firm providing liquidity in the FX/Commodity/Equity/Derivatives markets, today announces that it has become a member of Aquis Exchange.
Commenting on the membership Andonis Sakatis, Head of Business Development at XTX Markets, said: “We are pleased to further expand our equity exchange presence through this membership of Aquis Exchange. The combination of natural liquidity demand from end users and our passive, low impact liquidity means this is a natural next step in the expansion of our business on equity exchanges globally.”
Alasdair Haynes, CEO Aquis Exchange, commented: “XTX is a very significant liquidity supplier in the European equities marketplace, so we are delighted that they have selected to become part of the Aquis Exchange eco-system. With our unique subscription pricing model and rule preventing aggressive non-client proprietary trading on our platform, which ensures lower market impact, Aquis Exchange is one of the most liquid and cost-effective venues in Europe and an important destination for those looking to achieve Best Execution.”
XTX became a member of Aquis exchange in early 2017.
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