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Change to proprietary trading rule



September 12, 2023

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Aquis Exchange plc announces that it intends to change the proprietary trading rule on its UK and EU trading platforms.
The rule, which does not allow aggressive non-client proprietary trading, was introduced by Aquis in 2015 and has successfully reduced market impact and signalling risk. However, in response to member demand Aquis will now change the rule to allow liquidity providers the option to choose if they wish to interact with aggressive non-client proprietary trading or not.
This innovative modification is consistent with Aquis’ commitment to provide members with the greatest choice and flexibility when transacting on the MTF platform.
Implementation of this change will take place, subject to regulatory non-objection, in October to allow members and data providers to adapt to this change.
Aquis CEO, Alasdair Haynes said:
“The change to our proprietary trading rule is being implemented in order to provide members of the Aquis MTF with greater choice and immediacy of execution. This alongside Aquis’s growing product suite will further enhance the range of execution options available to our members.”
Aquis Chief Revenue Officer, David Stevens explains the rule change:
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