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Aquis Stock Exchange Weekly Highlights 11/8/23



August 11, 2023

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RentGuarantor announced that it has entered into an agreement with Let Insurance Services Ltd T/a The Lettings Hub ("The Lettings Hub") for the use of the RentGuarantor service. The Lettings Hub is a supplier of technology-driven products and services designed to make the lettings journey quicker and easier for all parties across the rental value chain, with the aim of securing robust and efficient tenancies. The Lettings Hub is a referencing provider, completing 180,000 references per year, with 12% of these references requiring a guarantor. Under this initial three-year partnership, RentGuarantor will provide a company guarantor option to The Lettings Hub's tenants. Read more…
Samarkand Group plc announced its audited results for the year ended 31 March 2023 ("FY23").
FY23 Financial highlights:
• Revenue increased by 5.4% to £17.5m (2022: £16.6m)
• Brand Ownership revenues increased 48.1% to £6.7m (2022: £4.5m)
• Nomad Technology revenue decreased 19.4% to £6.0m (2022: £7.5m)
• Distribution revenues remained flat at £4.4m (2022: £4.4m)
• Gross margin increased from 50% to 55%
• Adjusted EBITDA loss decreased to by 64% to £2.2m (2022: £6.2m)
• Operating loss after taxation decreased by 40% to £4.6m (2022: £7.7m)
David Hampstead, Chief Executive Officer of Samarkand Group, commented: “I am delighted that we have been able to grow the business and to make strong progress towards profitability in an unprecedented and challenging trading environment. This demonstrates the resilience and adaptability of the business and in particular the capability of our colleagues. The reopening of the Chinese economy, a growing pipeline of new clients and channel partners and an ongoing focus on operational efficiency puts us in a good position to capitalise on opportunities that may emerge in the market.” Read more…
Inteliqo announced that it has successfully acquired the Exclusive Sales and Marketing rights to the Langaroo App globally. Langaroo is a mobile application that enables users to understand, speak, message, and share information across over 130 languages. The commercial relationship with the Langaroo App and brand is governed by two agreements. The first agreement is an Exclusive Sales and Marketing Agency Agreement between Ipedia Technologies Commercial Brokers L.L.C ("Ipedia") and Inteliqo. The second agreement is a Revenue Share Agreement between Ipedia, Inteliqo and HKML Limited ("HKML"). Both the agreements are in place for 20 years. Read more…
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