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Aquis Stock Exchange Weekly Highlights 8/9/23



September 8, 2023

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Capital for Colleagues announced an update in respect of its investee company, The Homebuilding Centre (Holdings) Limited ('HBC'). HBC operates and manages "The National Self Build & Renovation Centre", which is the UK'S only permanent venue for independent homebuilding advice and support. Established in 2007, HBC has assisted almost a quarter of a million visitors build their own home or extend and improve their existing property.
In January 2022, the Company announced that it had agreed to sell its holding of 'A' Ordinary Shares in HBC in 5 annual tranches, commencing in August 2022, for cash consideration calculated by reference to the financial performance and position of HBC for each year. The Company will receive a minimum payment of £50,000 per tranche, guaranteeing the full return of its original £250,000 investment in HBC's 'A' Ordinary Shares.
Capital for Colleagues is pleased to announce that it has received the second tranche of consideration, amounting to £107,999 in cash. The company says the premium to the minimum payment of £50,000 reflects successful ongoing trading at HBC. Read more…
Hydrogen Future Industries provided an update on its testing and development activities, including initial data which is supportive of wind tunnel results from earlier prototypes.
Wind Turbine
HFI has completed the construction and installation of its latest, upgraded 1 metre diameter wind turbine prototype in Montana, USA, with testing and data gathering now underway. The current turbine is the 3rd version of the design since the Company acquired a suite of relevant patents, as announced in October 2022. The upgraded wind turbine will be used to measure the energy output over an extended period before work commences on a larger diameter commercial scale wind turbine. Initial data from the limited testing to date is supportive of wind tunnel results from earlier prototypes. The Board believes that the data is supportive of the system's capacity to produce low-cost renewable energy and therefore affordable green hydrogen.
Dr Blake has now completed the build of two complete electrolyser test cells. The series of tests undertaken achieved an exceptional efficiency of up to 97%. Further test results are expected in the coming weeks. To date, HFI has tested 30 different electrodes, including the current catalysts to demonstrate the efficiency gains from the Company's design. Following the completion of the initial test phase, the Company will lodge various patent applications before proceeding with further development. Read more…
Ormonde Mining plc announced the completion of its investment in Toronto-listed exploration company TRU Precious Metals Corp. ("TRU"), which is exploring for gold and copper in the highly prospective Central Newfoundland Gold Belt in Canada.
Ormonde has acquired an initial 36.2% interest in TRU's share capital through a private subscription for 60 million new common shares of TRU at CAD $0.05 per share for a total consideration of CAD $3,000,000. Ormonde has the potential to increase its shareholding to up to 46.0% through the exercise of warrants.
The company says TRU's flagship Golden Rose Project ("Golden Rose") is in the highly prospective Cape Ray - Valentine Lake gold-bearing structural corridor in Southern Central Newfoundland. Golden Rose is a regional-scale 273.5 km2 land package, of which 240.25km2 is fully owned by TRU, with the additional 33.25 km2 held under an option to acquire a 65% interest. Read more...
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