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Aquis Stock Exchange Weekly Highlights 3/11/23



November 3, 2023

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KR1 plc provided an update on the Company’s investment into Celestia (formerly “LazyLedger”) following the recent launch of its mainnet. Celestia (“TIA”) is a modular data availability network that securely scales with the number of users, making it easy for anyone to launch their own blockchain. The Company holds a total of 7,500,000 TIA, which are the native digital asset of the Celestia network, and result entirely from KR1’s investment into Celestia’s seed funding round three years ago. The Company’s entire TIA allocation is held in institutional custody and is subject to a lockup schedule, which unlocks in two tranches: a third of the Company’s allocation will unlock twelve months after Celestia’s mainnet launch; followed by the remaining two thirds unlocking on a linear basis over the period between twelve to twenty-four months after Celestia’s mainnet launch. The Company also announced that it plans to initiate staking activities on the Celestia network, which is going to contribute to Celestia’s network security and generate additional income from digital assets for the Company.
Adsure Services PLC, who joined the Aquis Stock Exchange this week, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, TIAA Limited (“TIAA”), has signed a new Information and Communication Technologies (“ICT”) Contract to upgrade the existing ICT infrastructure and receive ongoing ICT support. The company says that this contract will facilitate TIAA to consolidate its existing ICT platform offering benefits including improved resiliency, increased support capacity and access to new technologies implementing the use of intelligent automation.
Ananda Developments plc and its wholly owned subsidiary DJT Plants Limited ("DJT") announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Nottingham Trent University ("NTU") to pursue third-party grant funding to progress DJT's medical cannabis breeding programme and its low carbon medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing. The shared vision, beyond the MOU, is to create a formal Strategic Partnership and the establishment of a Cannabinoid Centre of Excellence at NTU.
• Ananda, DJT and NTU will combine their expertise and resources to pursue third-party grant funding to progress DJT's breeding and genetics programme as well as its low carbon cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.
• NTU's expertise includes Dr Gareth Cave who has previously conducted research into medical cannabis and has held a Schedule One Home Office licence to cultivate and research cannabis produced products, and Dr Chungui Lu, Professor in Sustainable Agriculture specialising in plant genomics and plant molecular biology.
• The initial focus will be on building the success of the genetics and breeding programme and on packaging DJT's low carbon cultivation into a wider pharmaceutical innovation project to attract major grant funding.
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