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Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) - Stakeholder Update – 31st March 2020



March 31, 2020

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Stakeholder Update – 31st March 2020
Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE)
AQSE Growth Market – Audited Annual Accounts Publication Deadline
For companies admitted to the AQSE Growth Market, AQSE shall extend by one month the date by which an AQSE Growth Market company must publish its annual audited accounts.
Currently, a company admitted to the AQSE Growth Market must publish its annual audited accounts no later than six months from the end of its financial year.
We recognise that the impact of Covid-19 has led to unforeseen new challenges for many AQSE Growth Market companies and their auditors. To accommodate these challenges AQSE shall allow, as a temporary measure, AQSE Growth Market companies seven months from the end of their financial year within which to publish their annual audited accounts.
AQSE will continue to engage with all stakeholders during this difficult time and may extend this period further if it considers that would be beneficial to companies.
Market Update - COVID-19
Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) would like to update you on the steps we are taking to support our stakeholders during these difficult times.
We recognise that companies, investors, members and data vendors alike are experiencing uniquely difficult circumstances in challenging market conditions.
Be assured that AQSE has robust systems in place to safeguard the continuity of its service and the orderly function of its markets. We have been operating the market remotely without any issues since the UK Government recommended travel restrictions and remain contactable in the usual way.
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the email addresses below:
Issuer support & business development: sara-louise.porter@nexexchange.comRegulation: regulation@nexexchange.comOperations:
With warm regards
The AQSE Team
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