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Aquis Stock Exchange Weekly Highlights 26/01/24



January 26, 2024

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Ananda Developments Plc announced the appointment of Professor Cherry Wainwright and Dr. Katie Sloper, PhD as scientific advisers to assist the Company in developing its in-house capabilities and pipeline of clinical trials. Professor Cherry Wainwright is a pharmacological research expert with over 42 years of experience and is the President Elect of the British Pharmacological Society. Dr. Katie Sloper, PhD is a medical research expert with a particular focus on the therapeutic profile of cannabis-based medicines and innovative approaches to cancer treatment. Read more…
Vinanz Limited announced that the Luxor Firmware is now starting to be deployed into the Company's Canadian Bitcoin mining fleet installed in the BlockLAB facilities in Labrador with results already evident. BlockLAB has informed Vinanz that it has over-clocked the first 18 Bitcoin mining units by 50 Mhz each seeing an overall gain of about 240 TH/s (Terahash/second), which is an increase of an average 13 TH/s per miner or just over 10%. BlockLAB, who host 270 of Vinanz's Bitcoin miners, will now continue to progressively roll-out the over-clocking on all of these units in their facility. Read more…
Marula Mining PLC provided an update on the ongoing commissioning and optimisation of the Rados SRF100-8 XRF ore sorter at the Blesberg Lithium and Tantalum Mine.
• Commissioning of the Rados Ore Sorter has now been successfully completed.
• The successful first bulk testing and first production of product has now been completed.
• Major advancements made with the Rados Ore Sorter’s artificial intelligence capabilities and ore sorting algorithm has seen spodumene recoveries increase to 89% achieved during the commissioning and bulk testing.
• As part of this optimisation work, the Rados Ore Sorter is able to identify and sort approximately 20 different colours of spodumene (both UV fluorescent and non-UV fluorescent) which has positive implications for grade control and product grade improvement.
• The Rados team has advised the Company, that along with its partners, that Blesberg is the first operation in the world to successfully mechanically dry process lithium ore on a large scale with spodumene recoveries in excess of 80% and more than threefold upgrade ratio.
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Aquis Exchange PLC provided an unaudited trading update for the year ended 31 December 2023. Aquis expects to report performance for FY23 in line with Board expectations.
Expected Group financial highlights:
• Net revenue up 12% to £22.6m (FY22 £20.1m)
• Profit before tax up 16% to £5.2m (FY22 £4.5m)
• Cash and cash equivalents at 31 December 2023 up 4% to £14.8m (31 December 2022: £14.2m)
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Ace Liberty and Stone Plc announced Interim Results for the period from 1 May 2023 to 31 October 2023.
• Rental income increased slightly to £2,714,887 (H1 2022: £2,700,031).
• Administration costs down 19.4% to £699,032 due to one-off costs in the prior year (H1 2022: £867,144).
• £1 million shareholder loan repaid.
• 2-year extension of the £10 million convertible loan note agreed.
• Completion of Melton Mowbray acquisition - financed with Coutts & Co.
• Cash resources of over £3 million available.
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