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Aquis Stock Exchange Weekly Highlights 08/12/23



December 8, 2023

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One Health Group PLC announced its unaudited interim results for the six months ended 30 September 2023.
Financial Highlights
The Group has experienced increases in revenues, 13%, profitability, 48% (Underlying EBITDA), and cash, 36%. The interim dividend has been increased by 22% to 2.03p per share.
Operational Highlights
• New patient referrals increased by 12%.
• Surgical procedures carried out on some 3,000 NHS patients, a 7% increase.
• Surgical activity started at a new independent hospital in a new geographical area.
• Additional capacity sourced within two current independent hospital partners.
• Attracted 15 new clinicians to the business to support growth.
• Increased demand for Waiting List transfers with two new NHS Trust contracts.
• National media campaign launched by the NHS to promote knowledge of 'Patient Choice' will increase GP referrals.
Planned developments & Potential Profit Impact
• Another 30 clinicians in the application process.
• Surgical hubs are being actively pursued to increase the Group's surgical capacity to help to satisfy the demand from the NHS.
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Marula Mining Plc announced that the Board of Directors has approved its Dividend Policy.
• Marula will target an annual aggregate dividend payout of between a minimum 30% and up to a maximum of 50% of free cash flow for each calendar year in two half-yearly payments.
• Payment of any dividend will be subject to maintaining a minimum net cash balance of GBP 10 million and the availability of distributable reserves.
• Marula will declare any dividend payments when announcing its Final Results or Half-Year results in accordance with the applicable listing rules.
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PanGenomic Health Inc announced that its subsidiary, MUJN Diagnostics Inc. ("MUJN Diagnostics"), has introduced its point-of-care Vitamin D test for the dental implant industry. Dr William Liang, Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology, and owner of the Smile Dental Implant Centre in Surrey, said "Vitamin D can play a significant role in the success of a dental implant procedure. The MUJN biomarker platform can help our patients avoid potential dental implant failures that may be caused by the negative effect of Vitamin D deficiencies on osseointegration." The Smile Dental Implant Centre is the first dental clinic customer of MUJN Diagnostics. Read more…
Hydrogen Future Industries plc announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding (the "Agreement") with the University of Bristol ("UoB") to collaborate to advance respective technologies, secure funding for joint research and development and accelerate commercial opportunities. UoB is a leading research university with several active research and development projects related to hydrogen. In particular, UoB has identified HFI's technology as having synergies with its Hydrogen Depleted Uranium Storage ("HyDUS") project, a collaborative project involving EDF UK (lead partner), UoB, Urenco and the UK Atomic Energy Authority (“UKAEA”). HyDUS's grid-scale storage is designed to meet three key objectives:
• to help balance fluctuations in the supply of energy from renewables such as wind and solar as well as provide nuclear powerplant sites with a load following capability (in all cases, large-scale hydrogen storage is vital to ensure power from renewables and nuclear is dependable and available on demand);
• to help decarbonise the national grid; and
• to provide high purity hydrogen for transport applications and energy intensive industries seeking to decarbonise.
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SulNOx Group Plc announced its unaudited half yearly financial results for the six months to 30 September 2023. In this period SulNOx generated increased revenue and reduced expenses compared to the same period in the previous year, resulting in a reduced loss of £869,814, compared to a loss of £964,702 in the same period last year. While sales are still behind initial projections, the company believes that recent evaluation results and interest, particularly in the maritime sector, will provide an upward push towards increased revenue and profitability.
SulNOx's achievements during the period include evaluation data evidencing material fuel and emissions savings and increased demand for product from major shipping companies and other large fossil fuel consumers. It says an enhanced management team (both technical hires and industry leaders) will provide the needed resources and direction to achieve short and medium-term objectives. Read more…
RentGuarantor Holdings PLC marked the second anniversary of its listing on the Aquis Stock Exchange with a summary of its activities during the 2023 calendar year.
• RentGuarantor has seen an increase in application numbers by 56% year-on-year compared to 2022.
• The Company reported its interim results for the period ended 30 June 2023 ("H1 2023"), which saw an increase in revenue of 79% on the comparative six-month period in 2022.
• RentGuarantor signed key strategic contracts with:
· Clever Student Lets
· X1 Property Management Ltd
· Vorensys Limited
· InsureStreet Limited T/a Canopy ("Canopy")
· Let Insurance Services Ltd T/a The Lettings Hub ("The Lettings Hub")
• In addition to these strategic contracts, the Company also signed partnership agreements with a total of 42 letting agent entities or groups during 2023.
• During the year, RentGuarantor advanced the capabilities and performance of its website, which now has the handling capacity of 1,000 applications per minute. The Company implemented a new internal technology system from HubSpot which will allow for the more efficient management of company data.
• Peter Keith Coleman and David Cliff were both appointed as Non-Executive Directors, bringing a wealth of experience across various sectors to the Board.
• RentGuarantor was officially invited to join the Apex segment of the Aquis Stock Exchange, reflecting its strong performance on AQSE and its commitment to upholding high levels of corporate governance and transparency.
• The Company attended 54 conferences and events throughout the year, expanding industry and investor awareness for the RentGuarantor service.
• The Company's year has been recognised through its nomination as 'Aquis Company of the Year' at the 2023 Small Cap Awards, and its accomplishment of reaching the final of the 2023 Aquis Showcase, where Paul Foy, CEO of RentGuarantor, presented on the Company to a large audience of investors, brokers, and advisors.
• RentGuarantor appointed two new corporate brokers in October, Zeus Capital and Oberon Investments.
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