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Aquis Stock Exchange becomes first cloud-based recognised investment exchange



November 29, 2023

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Aquis Exchange PLC (AQX.L), the creator and facilitator of next-generation financial markets, announces that its primary and secondary markets exchange, the Aquis Stock Exchange, has become the first recognised investment exchange (RIE) to run a cloud-based matching engine.
At a time in which exchanges and exchange technology providers are exploring options to take advantage of the scale and flexibility of the cloud, Aquis has been the first to achieve full migration of the matching engine, the core component used to determine trades, of an RIE to the cloud.
Effective from 27 November 2023, all trades on the Aquis Stock Exchange are being matched and executed successfully while running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which creates a seamless experience with benefits including:
  • Scalability: scalable capacity, which can be provisioned as needed;
  • Resilience: increased infrastructure and locations available for use during spikes in trading volumes, and for backup and failsafe purposes. This differs from traditional data centre and on-premise exchange setup, where regulated markets and trading venues typically need to procure significant spare capacity of physical infrastructure;
  • Flexibility: ability to respond in a more dynamic and timely manner to any unforeseen demand requirements, with provisioning on AWS being faster than an on-premise alternative;
  • Cost: cost efficiency savings relating to provisioning, staffing of physical locations, procurement of hardware and energy usage; and
  • Environmental: significant reduction in an exchange’s environmental footprint through a decrease in data centre energy usage.
Alasdair Haynes, Chief Executive Officer at Aquis Exchange PLC said:
“This latest development further highlights the focus on innovation within the Group and represents an additional step in the execution of the Aquis Technologies strategy. The cloud-based matching engine enables the business to deliver transformation across the exchange space globally through the application of its cutting-edge, institutional-grade technology.”
Adrian Ip, Managing Director, Aquis Technologies, said:
“Aquis has been a trailblazer in cloud deployment of exchange technology since 2020, when we first completed a proof of concept with AWS and the Singapore Exchange.”
“Since then, we have provided full cloud and hybrid solutions for several clients, as well as launching Aquis Equinox – the world’s first 24/7 matching engine. It is a natural progression to look at the ways in which cloud technology can benefit our own exchanges, and it’s great to see Aquis Stock Exchange pave the way for other recognised investment exchanges.”
Brian Cassin, Head Market Development for Capital Markets, AWS, said:
“By running on AWS, the Aquis Stock Exchange is driving transformation across the capital markets industry while continuing to enhance the scalability, functionality and innovation that will benefit its members and stakeholders in an environment where security and resiliency are our highest priority.”
“We will continue to build on the experience Aquis has in creating and facilitating next-generation financial markets with the reliability, global presence, and security of AWS to help Aquis continue to expand and seamlessly transact billions of dollars in trades per day."
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