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Collaboration and Licensing Agreement

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DXS International plc · DXSP

18/08/2022 07:00

Collaboration and Licensing Agreement InPublic Collaboration and Licensing Agreement



The Board of DXS International plc (“the Company”), the AQSE Growth Market quoted healthcare information and digital clinical decision support systems provider, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Licence and Services Agreement with a world leading AI company to help improve clinical pathway implementation in Primary Care.

DXS has partnered with Deontics to help solve some of the most critical objectives in healthcare, saving the clinician time, helping with decision fatigue, and integrating pathways into clinicians' workflows.

DXS has more than 20 years of experience in primary care clinical decision support, is integrated into the three major clinical systems, and is proven to significantly reduce referral bounce while providing a wealth of up-to-date clinical resources to the clinician.

Deontics is a world-leading clinical AI company, which spun out from Oxford University, Cancer Research UK and UCL. Deontics has one of the most sophisticated AI analytic and clinical decision engines on the market, with over 300 peer-reviewed published scientific and clinical evaluations. Deontics is a pioneer in cognitive computing within healthcare and has developed a prize-winning clinical logic model.

Clinical decision support systems are traditionally built with "if-then" rule engines and decision trees. These are not able to deal with uncertainty and complex non-linear disease management. They are also not equipped to capture domain expertise in knowledge frameworks. This is because they are not dynamic and or flexible to allow for situationally-adaptive execution at the point of care. 

Deontics has solved these challenges; it is unique in its offering and the only solution on the market that blends clinical process (workflow) and complex reasoning and knowledge representation and is capable of running the pathway both prospectively on individual patient data and retrospectively on batch data. 

Integrating the Deontics engine into the DXS platform will greatly enhance the capabilities of DXS.

This integration will enable DXS to offer additional features and functions to its customers. These include advanced 3rd generation clinical decision support and advanced analytics that will dynamically guide and inform clinical teams for management decisions.  

Primary Care, like all healthcare sectors, are struggling to keep on top of patient demand, and digital solutions can help streamline workflows and accelerate better patient outcomes.

DXS currently provides around 2500 practices serving 16 Million patients with its decision support solution that is proven to virtually eliminate unwarranted or inappropriate referrals through its unique SMART Referral solutions. SMART Referrals reduce patient waiting times, hospital backlog and repeat appointments in primary care.

By DXS integrating the Deontics Advanced AI engine, DXS can offer improvements to the adoption of pathways, making consultations more efficient, improving data quality, reducing decision fatigue for busy GPs, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Steven Bauer, DXS COO said "We are excited to be working with Deontics to be able to bring much-needed benefits to primary care that will improve the working lives of primary care staff, GPs and nurses as well as easing down-stream pressures in secondary care, mental health and social care. We are a company passionate about improving the lives of care providers and patients alike, and this collaboration with Deontics enables us to do much more of what we are passionate about."

Michelle Lea, Deontics CEO said “ We are delighted to be working with DXS this is truly a pioneering partnership that will advance the offering across primary and secondary care using the Deontics advanced AI engine.

We hope this collaboration will be a great start of the two parties’ long-term partnership, and we look forward to bringing more life-changing options to patients.”

The Directors of DXS International plc accept responsibility for this announcement.

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DXS International plc

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Notes to Editors

About DXS:

DXS International presents up to date treatment guidelines and recommendations, from Clinical Commissioning Groups and other trusted NHS sources, to doctors, nurses and pharmacists in their workflow and during the patient consultation. This effective clinical decision support ultimately translates to improved healthcare outcomes delivered more cost effectively and which should significantly contribute towards the NHS achieving its projected efficiency savings.


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