Aquis Technologies


Aquis Technologies develops state of the art exchange trading technology, including:

  • Low latency, high capacity matching engine Aquis Matching Engine (AME)
  • Real-time surveillance system Aquis Market Surveillance (AMS)
  • Systematic Internalise hub Aquis Market Gateway (AMG)

Designed for visionaries, delivered by practitioners


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Aquis Technologies is the software and technology division of Aquis Exchange PLC. It creates and licenses cutting-edge, cost-effective matching engine and trade surveillance technology for banks, brokers, investment firms and exchanges.

Matching engine and exchange solutions

Aquis Technologies provides a complete trading platform product, encompassing matching engine, surveillance, market operations and data services. The components are available as stand-alone elements or as a complete product.

  • Designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind.
  • Fast deployment and easily adaptable to meet your firm’s needs.
  • Cost-efficient and ideally suited to exchanges, MTFs, Systematic Internalisers, OTFs and broker crossing networks.

Key features

Highly performant and consistent

Matching engine offers the industry’s lowest latency, accommodates exceptionally high throughput and has in-built fault tolerance

Regulatory compliance

Fully compliant with the latest UK and European regulations. Designed to be updated in line with constantly changing regulations

Choice of trading protocols

FIX or binary protocol

Flexible and scalable

Can be used for lit or dark books, order or quote-driven markets

Scalable architecture

High numbers of simultaneous trading connections and high transaction capacity

Multi-asset class

Handles multiple messages in flight (MMF), allowing it to be tailored for different asset classes

Service oriented

Highly responsive. All systems can be hosted and managed by Aquis Technologies, or installed locally

Matching engine

Aquis Technologies’ high performance trading platform - ideal for businesses seeking to operate an exchange, MTF, Systematic Internaliser or internal matching system

Used by Aquis Exchange since November 2013

Developed entirely in-house by an experienced, UK-based team with a track record of building stable exchange systems

Full flexibility of:

Asset class

Market structure

Lit or dark book

Order types

Trading protocols (FIX or binary)

Order-driven, quote-driven or hybrid

The Aquis matching engine’s capabilities and performance are unequalled in the industry with average round trip latency measuring 17µs or shorter for 99.99% of all messages, on a single port.

Data services

The complete exchange solution also includes real-time, low-latency market data services. Market data can also be delayed, if required, on a configurable basis.

The market data services use Aquis Technologies’ proprietary format, which has been widely adopted by major institutions and data vendors. Market data can be split across stocks, indices, markets or other user-defined categories.

Data is disseminated via industry standard multicast. This ensures fast and efficient distribution of order and trade data.


Vital to any exchange, broker or trading firm is the ability for Compliance staff to monitor trading activity.

The Aquis Market Surveillance system is available as part of the complete exchange solution, or on its own for firms that only require a surveillance system.

Learn more about Aquis Market Surveillance, as part of a complete solution of as a stand-alone product, via the dedicated section.

Market operations

As part of its complete exchange solution, Aquis Technologies provides comprehensive tools for market operations support.

This allows the exchange operator to maintain optimal market function by:

Ensuring the market is operational during trading hours

Monitoring client connectivity

Managing emergency situations

Market halts and reactivation

Suspension of instruments

Order cancellations

Trade cancellations

Suspension of clients from trading

Real-time management information and reporting on key performance indicators

User interface to monitor activity

Ability to view order book in real-time

Aquis Matching Engine Brochure

Please click here to download the AME brochure.