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VSA Capital's Andrew Monk in conversation with Alasdair Haynes

Capturing The Cloud

Aquis Technologies, the software development and licensing arm of exchange services group Aquis Exchange PLC, has completed a project in collaboration with Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to validate that complex exchange architecture and operations can work as efficiently in the cloud as in physical data centres.



VSA discusses developments at Aquis with CEO Alasdair Haynes

VSA CEO Andrew Monk discusses developments at Aquis with CEO Alasdair Haynes.





The QCA AQSE Webinar with Alasdair Haynes.





Aquis Exchange announces half-year results for 2020

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Fintech Focus TV Interview with Alasdair Haynes



Aquis ready to shake up small company fundraising






Aquis Results Presentation

Aquis present their results for the last six months to September 2019.

Aquis Exchange Interim 2019 Results Announced

Aquis Exchange Interim 2019 results announced.


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