Welcome to Aquis Exchange’s Brexit information hub. Below you can access the FAQs relating to our Paris-based business, Aquis Exchange Europe, as well as the relevant documents for Membership.

Aquis Exchange Europe is regulated by the AMF to operate an MTF in EU-27.

NB All contents in this section are subject to change as a consequence of Brexit negotiations and outcomes.



Aquis Action Timetable

Action / Change Expected Date Status
Onboarding of new Member entities to Aquis Exchange PLC and/or Aquis Exchange Europe Ongoing In Progress
Market data splits updated in Production environment 4th February 2019* Done
Addition of 'Operating_MIC' field name to security file in Production environment 20th March 2019* Done
Early transfer of one security per EU27 country to AQEU (Aquis SAS), to allow pilot trades in Production 20th March 2019* Done
Market data replay IP address updated in Production 18th March 2019* Done
Order book splits fully applied in Production TBC  

* Changes will be made after close of business on the Friday before these dates, taking effect on the Monday morning