Welcome to Aquis Exchange’s Brexit information hub. Below you can access the FAQs relating to our Paris-based business, Aquis Exchange Europe, as well as the relevant documents for Membership.

Aquis Exchange Europe is regulated by the AMF to operate an MTF in EU-27.

NB All contents in this section are subject to change as a consequence of Brexit negotiations and outcomes.



Aquis Action Timetable

Action / Change Expected Date Status
Onboarding of new Member entities to Aquis Exchange PLC and/or Aquis Exchange Europe Ongoing In Progress
Market data splits updated in Production environment 4th February 2019 Done
Addition of 'Operating_MIC' field name to security file in Production environment 4th March 2019 Done
Early go-live of one security per EU27 country to AQEU (Aquis Europe), to allow pilot trades in Production 20th March 2019 Done
Market Data replay IP addresses updated in Production 18th March 2019 Done
Test environment updated to allow testing of dual-listed EU27 securities 5th August 2019 Done
Dual-listing of pilot EU27 securities, security reference file split and new Market Data Splits applied in Production 30th September 2019 Done
Aquis PLC Market Data feed split replay IP address changes TBC (Post-Brexit)  
Dual-listing of remaining EU27 securities onto Aquis Europe TBC (Post-Brexit)