Automated Trader: Aquis offers FIX testing ahead of potential October launch

May 20, 2013

Aquis Exchange Limited, the proposed European stock exchange, and FixSpec, the FIX certification and connectivity specialist, have entered into an agreement which will facilitate Member testing for FIX order entry specifications and offer an automated certification platform for Aquis Exchange.

The arrangement allows prospective Aquis Exchange Members to access interactive versions of the FIX specifications, as well as a range of development tools designed to make connecting faster and easier. Tools include FixSpec’s visual FIX decoder and the ability to quickly compare Aquis Exchange specifications against FIX Protocol Standards and other exchange specifications thereby reducing the amount of time spent manually comparing documents.

Members will also be able to access an automated certification platform over the internet which is designed to replicate exactly the message formats and flows of the Aquis Exchange system, and prepare them for formal certification. The certification environment allows developers to connect and interact with a replica of the Aquis Exchange system, get real-time feedback on message errors, and to interact with their orders via a real-time website.

Commenting on the agreement, FixSpec founder Chris Lees said: “We are excited to be working with Aquis Exchange and their prospective Members at this important moment in their launch preparations. We live in a world of very limited resources and by providing the tools to help Members connect faster and with more ease, Aquis Exchange is significantly reducing the barriers to entry and improving resource efficiency for both parties.”

Alasdair Haynes, CEO of Aquis Exchange added: “Our aim is to make Aquis Exchange as time and cost efficient to connect to as possible. Our arrangement with FixSpec is an important step in this direction.”