July 29, 2013

London – Aquis Exchange has selected TradeView from Datacom Systems to monitor the real time quality of its market data feeds. TradeView monitors the health of critical market data feeds, including microbursts and the detection of multicast gaps.

Aquis Exchange will deploy TradeView between the exchange and Member sites to monitor market data feed quality. TradeView utilises FPGA technologies rather than more expensive data capture-based solutions. TradeView’s allows the real-time gap detection of up to 1000 simultaneous multicast channels and data analysis rates of 60 million market data messages per second. In trials, TradeView was five times faster, and about half the cost of traditional feed monitoring tools.

Commenting on the agreement, Aquis Exchange CEO Alasdair Haynes said: “I believe that in addition to bringing fresh competition and innovation to the European equity markets, Aquis Exchange will introduce higher levels of service and security to its Members – Datacom’s TradeView is an important element of this enhanced service.”

Kevin Formby, CEO of Datacom Systems, said: “TradeView is a revolutionary breakthrough in the real time monitoring of market data feeds. At five times the speed and half the cost of traditional monitoring tools, TradeView is an innovative monitoring solution that enables leading edge financial services companies to rapidly deploy new trading infrastructure very cost-effectively.”