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The Company's investment strategy is to operate as an enterprise company seeking acquisition or investment opportunities within the financial media and technology industries. Within these broad industries, areas of focus may include Financial news websites and other forms of “new media”, Investment research providers, Financial PR, IR, design and marketing agencies, Production studios and visual content providers, Technology platforms which facilitate capital raising and/or lending. The Board, and in particular the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, has vast experience and an extensive network of contacts in the financial media and technology industries. The Directors aim to leverage these strengths to not only identify compelling acquisition or investment opportunities but also to advise and add value to investee companies on an ongoing basis. The Directors believe that, to date, no other quoted companies have fully exploited the synergistic opportunities from investing across the Company’s target sectors.
Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Share Price (Mid) Previous Close Volume Last Traded
LFT GBX 0.9 1.2 1.05 1.05 680000 01.12.22

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Key Information

Market Cap: £1,004,955
Inst Type:Ordinaries
Tradable securities in issue:95,710,000
Sector:Financial Services
% daily price change:0.00%

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01.12.22  |  15:59:492500001
01.12.22  |  11:35:492500000.92
01.12.22  |  08:04:451800000.92
23.11.22  |  16:40:442500001
04.11.22  |  14:08:535000001.215
03.11.22  |  15:11:002500000.9
31.10.22  |  12:18:211666670.8262
31.10.22  |  08:20:01284430.9
28.10.22  |  09:09:56275260.93
26.10.22  |  13:40:491800000.85


Business Address

Lift Global Ventures Plc, Central Working Victoria, Ecclestone Yards, 25 Ecclestone Place, London, SW1W 9NF, United Kingdom.


Phone: +44 (0) 203 7451 865

Registered Address

Suite 1, 15 Ingestre Place, London, W1F 0DU, United Kingdom.


Corporate Adviser

Optiva Securities Limited, 49 Berkeley Square, London, England.

Phone: +44(0)203 981 4178


Share Registrars Ltd, 3 The Millennium Centre, Crosby Way, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7XX, United Kingdom.


Phone: +44 (0) 1252 821390


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