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HUI aims to become one of the leading new European companies specialising in turning Non-Recyclable Mixed Waste Plastic into carbon-free fuels, new materials or distributed renewable heat. HUI’s activities will range across the full value chain, from the production of energy from Non-Recyclable Mixed Waste Plastic for local communities, to the sale of its products (Syngas, hydrogen, electricity and heat) to end customers.

HUI’s initial strategic focus is to work closely with Powerhouse Energy Group PLC (“PHE”) to create a project pipeline of HUI Facilities. HUI will concentrate its marketing and promotion of HUI Facilities on the European Continent in order to unlock significant value for current and future HUI shareholders.

HUI will target areas where there is significant private sector interest or potential, financial backing is accessible and or where substantial EU and/or government funded sources of grants and loans are or may be available, such as but not limited to the EU’s “Just Transition Fund” which was set up to help fossil fuel dependent communities transition towards climate neutrality. The global increase in fossil fuel-based energy prices reinforces the need for alternative, price competitive energy sources, which HUI’s business model can provide.
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HUI GBX 5.5 6 5.75 5.75 326 30.09.22

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Key Information

Market Cap: £22,098,400
Inst Type:Ordinaries
Tradable securities in issue:384,320,000
Sector:Alternative Energy
% daily price change:0.00%

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Hydrogen Utopia International PLC, Block D Imperial Works, Perren Street, London, NW5 3ED, United Kingdom.

Email: info@hydrogenutopia.eu

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Block D Imperial Works, Perren Street, London, NW5 3ED, United Kingdom.


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Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Ltd., Finsgate, 5-7 Cranwood Street, London, United Kingdom.

Email: enquiries@alfredhenry.com

Phone: +44 (0)20 3772 0021


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