Lombard Capital PLC - Statement re Second Bond Issuance PR Newswire


 ("Lombard" or the "Company")

Second bond issuance

The board of Lombard are pleased to announce that LCP Financial Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lombard Capital Plc) expects to issue an asset backed 4.5% Bond for up to GBP90,000,000 expiring 31 January 2024 ("the Bond").

Lombard expects to raise funds by way of issuing Bonds in order to continue the furtherance its business plan and it is our intention to list the Bond for trading on a recognised exchange in the first quarter of 2019. Further announcements will be made as progress is made towards bond issuance.

As a further step towards this goal we are pleased to announce that LCP Financial Limited has applied for and been granted an ISIN in respect of the Bond.

The directors of Lombard Capital Plc accept responsibility for this announcement.

For further information please contact:

Brent Fitzpatrick

Tel:  07718 883813

NEX Corporate Adviser:

Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited

Nick Michaels:  020 3772 0021