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("Lombard" or the "Company")

Trading statement

The Directors wish to advise Shareholders of the following trading statement for the quarter ended 31 December 2018.

The Company is continuing its progress towards the target of issuing an asset backed bond.

During the 3 months to 31 December 2018, the comprehensive loss for the period was GBP30,655 which is reflected by a reduction in current assets and an increase in current liabilities.

On 27 December the Company announced that LCP Financial Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lombard Capital Plc) is to issue an asset backed 4% Bond for up to GBP50,000,000 expiring 31 January 2022 ("the Bond").

The Company expects to raise funds by way of issuing Bonds in order to further its business plan by completing the issuance of the first Bond during the remainder of the first quarter of 2019. As a first step towards this goal we announced that LCP Financial Limited had applied for and been granted an ISIN in respect of the Bond and had successfully completed enabling of the Bond to be electronically delivered, and traded, through global systems, as a step preceding the planned listing.

The Company is currently discussing a placing agreement as a precursor to, and to meet the qualification criteria for, an exchange listing of the Bonds for trading. Upon listing the Company will continue to raise funds by the issuance of Bonds in the market.

The directors of Lombard Capital Plc accept responsibility for this announcement.

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