AfriAg Global Plc - First Investment of £300,000 into Apollon PR Newswire

5 June 2019

AfriAg Global PLC

(‘AfriAg’ or the ‘Company’)

Investee company, Apollon to open its first Licensed Retail (Therapeutic) Medical Cannabis Dispensary and State-of-the-Art Processing Facility in Negril, Jamaica this month.


    --  AfriAg Global Plc undertakes first £300,000 official investment in
        Apollon Formularies, Ltd., representing 0.71% of Apollon’s share
        capital, which has a significant interest in one of Jamaica’s leading
        Federally Licenced medical cannabis companies, Apollon Formularies
        Jamaica, Ltd (“Apollon”).

    --  Apollon plans to open its first revenue generating federally licenced
        Retail (Therapeutic) Medical Cannabis Dispensary and State-of-the-Art
        Processing Facilityby month end, which will be the only such dispensary
        and Processing Facility in Negril, Jamaica.

AfriAg Global PLC, a company whose shares are admitted to trading on London’s NEX Exchange and one of the few companies listed in London and Europe authorised to invest in the legal medical cannabis sector, is pleased to announce it has today undertaken its first £300,000 investment in Apollon Formularies Ltd as part of a multi-stage investment strategy in Apollon Formularies Ltd.

The full terms of this multi-stage Apollon Formularies Ltd investment plan have been previously announced to the market in May, 2019.

David Lenigas, AfriAg’s Chairman, commented:

“AfriAg has contractually agreed to invest £1m into Apollon Formularies Ltd in two tranches to earn up to 2.34 per cent. of Apollon. Today’s announcement sees the investment of tranche 1, with tranche 2 being made subject to shareholder approval expected at a general meeting of AfriAg shareholders planned for 19 June 2019. AfriAg and Apollon Formularies Ltd are totally focused on opening Apollon’s federally licensed operations in Jamaica this month,  which is to include its first revenue generating Retail (Therapeutic) Medical Cannabis Dispensary  and a State-of-the-Art Processing Facility These facilities are both located in the Negril, Jamaica, area, making it now both an idyllic destination for tourists and persons seeking medical cannabis treatment”

Apollon is a Federally Licensed vertically integrated medical cannabis company operating in Jamaica. Its Retail (Therapeutic) Medical Cannabis Dispensary will be located at Doc’s Place wellness center at 42 One Love Drive in Negril, Jamaica, which is owned and operated by Doc’s Place International, Inc., an entity that Apollon Formularies Ltd has the right to acquire. Apollon offers a full suite of medical cannabis pharmaceutical products developed in its cultivation, processing and manufacturing facilities. Doc’s Place offers  an all-inclusive, wellness resort that through its affiliation with Apollon is able to accommodate medical cannabis care and treatment involving Licensed Medical Doctors and other healthcare professionals.

This investment marks completion of the first of what is planned to be a two stage investment process, prior to offering a full share-based offer for all outstanding shares in Apollon, as previously announced on the 16th, 24th and 29th May 2019.

Apollon Formularies Ltd will use these funds to advance the corporate and operational objectives, including  the openning of Apollon’s fully licensed Retail (Therapeutic) Medical Cannabis Dispensary and Processing Facility. . 

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