Hydrogen Future Industries Plc - Hydrogen Production System Development Update PR Newswire

1 November 2022

Hydrogen Future Industries plc
(“HFI” or the “Company”)

Hydrogen Production System Development Update

Hydrogen Future Industries plc (AQSE:HFI), a developer of proprietary wind and water-based green hydrogen production systems, announces the commencement of prototype testing of the wind element of the Company’s hydrogen production system 1 metre diameter prototype (the “Prototype”) in Montana, USA.

A key element of the Prototype is its proprietary wind turbine, which has been designed with notably distinct features which allow the turbines to be more efficient than current open rotor turbines due to modified aerodynamics, with cowling directing air flow across the rotor blades to create a multiple factor increase in wind speed. The cowling also directs the flow of wind out and away from the rear of the turbine, reducing the potential for still air to block the flow through the turbines.

The Directors believe the increased efficiency of the turbine could in turn increase the efficiency and ultimately lower the cost of hydrogen production.

The Prototype is being tested in an area selected for its consistent wind speeds and regulatory support for wind turbine development and wind farm placement. HFI has a local development facility where the turbines have been fabricated and mounted onto towers for testing in local wind speeds. The power output from the turbines will be compared to predicted results. The cowling and rotor blades are a product of aerodynamic development and have been 3D printed on site.

The first stage of the outdoor test programme - a 20-hour live test - has been successfully completed, confirming the aerodynamics align to the wind direction as planned, there is no distinguishing noise from the rotor blades, and there is no fouling of the blades with the cowling.

A PDF version of this announcement containing a photograph of HFI’s 1 metre diameter prototype wind energy hydrogen production system undergoing testing in Montana, USA is available via the following link:  https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1934084/Hydrogen_Production_System_Development_Update_vFinal__PDF_version_with_image.pdf

David Ormerod, Executive Director of HFI, commented:

“The testing HFI is undertaking in Montana will hopefully confirm the efficiency of the key elements of our wind energy system. Additionally, given the considerable efficiency gains we believe our turbine will offer compared to existing open rotor wind turbines in use today, the commercial applications for the HFI turbine may not be limited to hydrogen and could be applied to the wider wind energy sector.”


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