Oscillate Plc - Investee Update: Psych Intention to Float on AQSE PR Newswire

Oscillate plc
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Investee Company Update:
Psych Capital PLC Intention to Float on AQSE

Oscillate PLC ( AQSE: MUSH) is pleased to announce that Psych Capital PLC (“Psych”), a company in which Oscillate invested in August 2021, has this morning announced that it has made an application to have its shares traded on the AQSE Growth Market, with an expected Admission date of 25 May 2022.

Psych operates the Psych Platform, a business-to-business networking platform, that has amassed a significant global B2B audience, with over 20,000 subscribers to the platform. As a business-to-business media and content platform, the Psych Platform also produces the PSYCH Symposium, a premium Live Event series. To date PSYCH Symposium events have programmed over 80 speakers, that include Professor David Nutt, Christian Angermayer and Rick Doblin, welcomed 3,000+ delegates and generated strong revenue through sponsorship and ticket sales. The Psych Platform generated approximately £61,500 in revenue from trading activity since being acquired by Psych until the end of 2021.

Psych is developing the Blossom Database pursuant to a third-party licensing arrangement, and Psych  will work to develop an artificial intelligence platform that will provide biotech companies advanced clinical data that will be able to fast-track drug development and loop back the real-world data, in a centralized database, to provide feedback on molecules and associated therapy programmes.

Psych has undertaken an investment in Awakn, a Canadian NEO Exchange listed psychedelics research and clinical group, with operations in the UK and Europe.

Psych Symposium

The Psych Symposium, held on Wednesday 11 May 2022 at the National Gallery, was attended by over 300 attendees. Further details on the event can be found at: https://www.psychsymposium.com/. The Company is pleased with the success of the event that is indicative of the support and reach of the Psych Platform. The success of the event was a result of the Psych team’s commitment and continued support by a host of sponsors - https://www.psychsymposium.com/sponsorship - in the psychedelics sector.

Conrad Windham, Director of the Company, commented:

“Psych Capital represents by far the single largest investment made by Oscillate since the Company’s effective re-launch one year ago. We are therefore delighted to see today that Psych is on the cusp of achieving a public listing for its share capital. We believe that the listing, and associated fundraise, will demonstrably deliver a very material immediate return on our investment, and with a longer-term perspective, will serve as the catalyst for Psych to push on and build a significant business in the psychedelics sector. We, at Oscillate, wish the team at Psych all the very best with the development of the business.”

The directors of the Company accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.

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