Forbes Ventures Plc - Update on Litigation Funding Securitisation PR Newswire

31 March 2021

(“Forbes” or the “Company”)

Update on Litigation Funding Securitisation

Forbes Ventures is pleased to announce a further update on its first Litigation Funding Securitisation.

The Company has been advised by its Maltese Corporate Advisors that the listing of the GBP 40 million two-year notes (the “First Issue”), for which Forbes Ventures’ wholly owned subsidiary Forbes Ventures Investment Management Limited acts as collateral agent, was filed last week with the Malta Financial Service Authority for approval and listing.

The short-term delays to listing and final closing of the First Issue have been administrative in nature and beyond the Company’s direct control.  The Company expects the listing and final placement of the First Issue to be complete in the coming weeks and will update the market next upon completion.

The previously announced second Litigation Funding Securitisation of GBP 60 million two-year notes is expected to be listed by 31 May 2021, and work is underway in preparation of the same.

The Directors of Forbes accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.


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