GLOBE CAPITAL LIMITED - Reissue: Holding(s) in Company PR Newswire
First published on 5 December 2013 under the ref code PRNUK-0512131129-FC94.
Reissued to to include new ISIN details for distribution purposes. The content
remains unchanged.

                                                              5 December 2013

                             Globe Capital Limited

                      ("Globe Capital" or the "Company")

                              Dealings in Shares

Globe Capital has been notified that on 2 December 2013 Ms Liao Chunlan sold
14,100,000 ordinary shares in the Company. As a result, her interest in the
Company has dropped from 26.22% to 7.33%. Ms Dong Cuiying also sold 8,000,000
shares on the same date. As a result her interest in the Company has dropped
from 18.72% to 8%.

The following parties have an interest of 3% or more in the ordinary shares of
the Company:

                          Number of shares           Percentage holding

Globe Alliance Group      29,199,750                 39.12%

Ms Liao Chunlan           5,470,275                  7.33%

Ms Dong Cuiying           5,970,275                  8.00%

Mr Cai Lizhong            3,000,000                  4.02%

The total number of shares in issue is 74,638,800 ordinary shares of 0.01 pence
each. Investors should use the number of 74,638,800 shares as the basis for
calculating their obligations to notify their holdings under the disclosure and
transparency rules ("DTR").

The directors of Globe Capital Limited accept responsibility for this

For further information:

Globe Capital Limited
Tony Drury, Non-Executive Chairman
+44 (0)79737 37284 (UK)

Alexander David Securities Limited - Corporate Adviser
David Scott
+44 (0)20 7448 9800