WESTERN SELECTION PLC - Northbridge Industrial Services plc PR Newswire
Date:              28 April 2014

On behalf of:      Western Selection P.L.C. ("the Company" or "Western")

                   For immediate release

                           Western Selection P.L.C.

                      Northbridge Industrial Services plc

Western Selection P.L.C. announces that on 24 April 2014 it sold 125,000 shares
in Northbridge Industrial Services plc reducing its holding in that company
from 2,000,000 to 1,875,000 shares (10.80%). The sale realised £566,000 which
will be used to further reduce borrowings.

David Marshall, the chairman of Western Selection P.L.C. and a non-executive
director of Northbridge Industrial Services plc said "Northbridge is one of
Western's strategic investments and Western will continue to be a shareholder
having held shares in Northbridge for the last eight years".

Copies of this notification are held at Western's office, 6, Middle Street
London, EC1A 7JA (tel. 020 7796 9060) and are available for a period of 14 days
from the date of this announcement.

Enquiries to:

Western Selection P.L.C.                   020 7796 9060
Edward Beale

Loeb Aron & Co. Ltd.                       020 7628 1128
Peter Freeman / Jonathan Willis-Richards

Notes to Editors:

Western is an investment company and the investment policy is to hold strategic
stakes in a few smaller UK quoted companies and maintain a diversified
portfolio of U.K. and overseas quoted multinational stocks, together with a few
holdings on AIM, ISDX and some unlisted shares. Strategic investments are
minority positions where the Board seeks to maintain a close working
relationship with the management of the investee. Western has directors in
common with three of its four strategic investments.