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St Mark Homes Plc

Non-executive Director appointment

The board are pleased to announce (with effect from 29th June 2015), the appointment of Mr John Connolly as a non-executive board Director at St Mark Homes PLC.  

Mr Connolly will sit on the main board of the Company and also serve on the remuneration committee.  

Mr Connolly does not hold any shares in the Company.

-          He has not been a Director of any company or Partner of any partnership during the previous five years;

-          He has no unspent convictions in relation to indictable offenses;

-          He has not been a Director or Partner of any company or partnership in administration, receivership or insolvent liquidations (including voluntary arrangements) at the relevant time or during the twelve months preceding such events;

-          He has no bankruptcy or individual voluntary arrangement; and

-          He has no official public incrimination or sanction of such person by statutory or regulatory authorities (including designated professional bodies), and he has never been disqualified by a court from acting in the management or conduct of the affairs of a company.