Coinsilium Group Limited - Strategic Alliance with Oraclize PR Newswire

10 April 2017

(“Coinsilium” or the “Company”)



    --  MoU SIGNED with leading Blockchain Smart Contract developer, Oraclize
    --  Aim to jointly develop and build an Enterprise scale Smart Contract
        System (“SCS”) for the next generation of blockchain-powered
    --  ‘Tokens’ market raised US$200m in 2016 and targeting over US$150m in H1
    --  Details of the Strategic Alliance (“Alliance”) to be revealed at launch
        at NEX Exchange-hosted Blockchain Investor event on April 20th

Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX: COIN), the accelerator that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies, is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) to enter into a strategic alliance with Oraclize Limited (“Oraclize”), a London-based Blockchain Technology development company providing infrastructure layers for Smart Contracts via its Oracle solution.

Oraclize has been providing Smart Contract and Oracle solutions to a wide range of organisations for the last two years, from blockchain startups to established corporates. Coinsilium has the core commercial skills, blockchain industry connection and a demonstrable track record in spotting early trends in the industry and identifying some of the most viable blockchain propositions.

The Alliance will leverage the parties’ complementary skill sets in order to jointly develop and build a Smart Contract System (“SCS”) for the next generation of blockchain-powered applications, now being referred to as ‘Blockchain 2.0’, as well as develop commissioned, customised commercial applications for third parties.

The objective is to provide an Enterprise Standard foundational layer to enable commercial scale development of market specific SCS managing Token issuance and implementation of governance protocols for many vertical markets.

Smart Contracts

A “Smart Contract” is a computer programme executed in a blockchain which can control the issuance, storage and transfer of digital assets (or “Tokens”). ‘Oracles’ connect Smart Contracts to trusted sources of external data. “Token” issuance and governance are essential parts of the economic model of blockchain protocols.

Token based systems create a bridge through which ‘title’ or ownership rights to tangible assets can become tradable via the issuance of a corresponding digital asset (or “Token”). Blockchain enables this to take place in a secure environment for issuers and traders, while removing intermediaries and the financial burden of legacy execution and settlement systems.

The Board of Coinsilium believes that Smart Contracts are now one of the fastest growing segments in blockchain because they perform a vital role in most blockchain solutions. Commercial models are now being developed around the world in areas such as financial inclusion, P2P lending, smart derivatives, digital identity and rights management. Coinsilium started investing in smart contract technologies more than a year ago with its early investment in Smart Contract platform, RSK Labs, in January 2016. Since then, the Company has witnessed the considerable growth in cryptocurrencies and Smart Contract applications which have confirmed its initial vision.

In 2016, over US$200m was raised via the issuance and sale of a range of new digital Tokens by various blockchain enterprises. The market is now growing rapidly with announcements in Q1 alone of over US$150m in new Token issues targeted for the first half of 2017. Multi-million-dollar hedge funds, such as Polychain Capital backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, have recently emerged with the sole objective of acquiring and trading these blockchain-based ’Tokens’.

Commercial Opportunity

With the market now set for rapid growth, certain vertical markets have been identified where Smart Contracts look set to play a significant future role.  Early stage discussions are now being advanced, in regard to the specific market verticals, where management believes it has the right connection network in place and can draw on the industry knowledge and expertise required to develop effective commercial propositions.

Eddy Travia, Coinsilium’s CEO commented: “We are pleased to be entering into this Alliance with Oraclize. It affirms our confidence in the potential of Smart Contracts and together we will be working to create our own proprietary solutions as well as targeting material revenues through the provision of commercial services in this rapidly growing sector. We look forward to keeping shareholders updated as we embark on this exciting new opportunity.”

Thomas Bertani, blockchain expert and the CEO and founder of Oraclize stated: “We are very proud to be forming this Alliance with Coinsilium who we regard as a pioneer in the blockchain technology space. Oraclize and Coinsilium share a common objective which is to support the development of a versatile smart contract ecosystem and we look forward to building innovative blockchain-based solutions with Coinsilium.”

Coinsilium will be hosting an Investor Evening on Thursday 20th April, 2017 where it will be updating investors on its activities including this new strategic alliance. Oraclize will also be speaking.  To register, click on link below:

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Notes to Editor

Coinsilium is an accelerator that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies. It does this through its consortium of top-tier investors, industry thought leaders and executive managers.  Based in London, Coinsilium’s focus is on driving innovation in fintech and blockchain technologies, enabling businesses to take advantage of growth opportunities. 

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