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St Mark Open Offer / Issue of Equity

18 November 2016

On 12 October 2016 St Mark Homes PLC launched an Open Offer of up to 1,243,932 Open Offer Shares at GBP1.05 per share on the basis of 1 Open Offer Share for every 3 Ordinary Shares held.

The period for acceptance of the offer ended at 11:00 am today. Valid acceptances were received in respect of 661,207 shares and the board have resolved to allot these shares today.

Following this issue there are now 4,393,002 ordinary shares in issue.

Interests of Directors

The aggregate interests of the Directors of St Mark and their spouses is 858,000 shares (19.5% percent of the issued capital of the Company):

Bernard Tansey: 530,000 shares 12.1%

Barry Tansey: 115,000 shares 2.6%

Sean Ryan: 180,000 shares 4.1%

William Gair: 33,000 shares 0.7%

In addition members of the family of the Chairman, Bernard Tansey, and Chief Executive Officer, Barry Tansey own an additional 225,980 shares (5.14% of the issued share capital).

The Directors of St Mark Homes PLC accept responsibility for this announcement