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 23 August 2016


(“Coinsilium” or the “Group")


Coinsilium Group Limited (ISDX:COIN), the ISDX quoted blockchain technology investment and development company, is pleased to announce that Factom Inc. (‘Factom’), a company in which Coinsilium has a 1.9% equity interest, has announced a collaboration with Intrinio, making “immutable US stock market data available to the world.”

Following the announcement Factom’s Chairman David Johnston stated, “Intrinio is providing financial market data to Factom helping us build the foundational data sets for our users to audit their financial records. By publishing all these different stock prices on Factom, developers now have a reliable way to build their financial applications, and since the blockchain is stored forever on a distributed basis, this is a resource that grows every day and the wealth of past knowledge is always available to verify, without everyone having to store the data locally in their application.”

Coinsilium CEO Eddy Travia commented: “We are delighted to release another announcement this summer regarding Factom’s ongoing collaborations and projects to put data on the blockchain. These collaborations make it easier for both the technology and financial sectors to access and work with more reliable data than ever before and could lead to arguably revolutionary developments, with far-reaching implications. Within the wider arena we are beginning to see the innovations that result from the sharing of information. I am eager to see how financial institutions and fintech startups will use these tools in creative and productive ways”.

The full announcement from Factom can be found at

The Directors of Coinsilium take responsibility for this announcement.

Notes to Editor

About Factom

Factom Inc. is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. Governments and corporations find Factom to be a relevant solution to many pressing data security problems. The Factom data layer integrates into existing systems and makes them immutable, extending the transparency inherent within a blockchain, validated by math. Developers can now create a new level of trust and transparency with real-world implications on the open source Factom platform.

About Intrinio

Intrinio built its API and pricing model to appeal to application developers looking for specific data types at a price point that is profitable for the developer. Test and build using 500 daily API calls for free indefinitely, then as your business ramps up select from paid plans. Fundamental, economic, price, and earnings estimate data does not get more affordable or easier to integrate.

About Coinsilium Group

Coinsilium is a London-based blockchain technology focused investment and development company, supporting early-stage blockchain companies through investment, acceleration, development and education. 

Coinsilium is the world's first blockchain technology focused company to be admitted to trading on an Exchange Regulated Market and has a portfolio of interests in blockchain companies and projects.  In addition to pursuing its investment strategy Coinsilium is able to offer a suite of services including corporate/business advisory, CPD accredited training & education, investment solutions, in-house development and other professional services to blockchain/fintech companies and major corporates wanting to learn more about blockchain technology and its implications to the way the world transfers value over the internet.

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