1st July 2016


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Company update

Monthly company update

Please see below a monthly round-up of selected news from Coinsilium Group Limited (COIN:ISDX)

Brexit might have happened, England might be out of the Euros and Marcus Willis might be out of Wimbledon but one thing you can be sure of – the Coinsilium newsletter remains. 

This month, from Women Investing In Blockchain to interviews with our investees to the Department of Homeland Security we’ve got it covered. 

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Investee Showcase

As part of our Blockchain Week we hosted an investee showcase, to celebrate some of the fantastic companies we have in our portfolio. It was great to see so many current (and future!) investors join us. The evening involved pitch sessions from Magnr, RSK Labs, Factom, Rivetz and SatoshiPay, and we took some time to interview them as well. 

In the panel discussion Coinsilium marketing manager Jan Skoyles and Coinsilium investors ask our portfolio companies what makes them stand out and what their applications are doing to solve real-life problems. Watch the full panel discussion here.

Meinhard Benn of SatoshiPay speaks to Coinsilium

Peter Kirby of Factom speaks to Coinsilium

Steven Sprague of Rivetz speaks to Coinsilium

Adrian Eidelman of RSK Labs speaks to Coinsilium

London Tech Week 

Women Investing in Blockchain 

As part of London Tech Week we hosted Women Investing in Blockchain, a talk and panel evening with women who are leading some of blockchain’s most exciting companies.  The evening involved fish, financial derivatives and a thunderstorm. We were delighted to host this sold-out event and to meet over 60 of you who came along. Read more here.

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond

For those of you watching our London Tech Week events, you will have seen our Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond CPD-Accredited course. If you’re worried you missed out on this fantastic one-day course (taught by our CTO Hakim Mamoni) then don’t worry! We have 30% off for those attending in September. Click here to find out more.

Investee spotlight

Factom and the US Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) awarded $199,000 to Coinsilium investee Factom Inc. based in Austin, Texas, 'to advance the security of digital identity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices’

Mainstream Traders drawn to bitcoin price

The bitcoin price has been making the headlines a fair bit since our last newsletter. And it seems mainstream traders are getting in on the act. See what Magnr founder Joe Lee had to say on the matter, to Coindesk.

Company update

Pier Thomas appointed as Finance Director

Coinsilium announced that Ms. Pier Thomas, the Group’s Chief Financial Officer, has been appointed to the Board as Finance Director with immediate effect.

Notice of AGM

On the 20th June we announced that our Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) will take place at the offices of Daniel Stewart & Company plc, 33 Creechurch Lane, London EC3A 5EB at 11am on 12 July 2016

Company blog 

Rootstock, Magnr and more…

Coinsilium CEO Eddy Travia spoke to about our portfolio companies. For those of you who are looking to understand more about the use-cases of our investee companies be sure to listen out for SatoshiPay, Fuzo, meXBT and CoinSimple, amongst others.

CityAM debate: Coinsilium v PwC

Jan Skoyles was asked by CityAM to explain why fintech will not transform central banking as much as other financial services. The article followed an announcement by the Bank of England that they were launching an accelerator.

Blockchain Tech Lab – here’s what you missed!

In the last newsletter we told you all about the Blockchain Tech Lab. Since then we’ve had lots of questions about what went on, and how people could find out more. So, we’ve put together this fantastic taster video. If you’re a developer (or know someone who is) email us to find out more.

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