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25 September 2017

St Mark Homes Plc

(''SMH'' or “the Company'')


NEX listed property developer, St Mark Homes today announced the launch of a Bond offering investors 6% p.a. interest over a 30-month term on investment platform Crowdstacker.

The unlisted Bond aims to raise an initial £2 million to finance residential led developments.  The intention is that the majority of these new homes will be eligible for the Government’s Help-to-Buy scheme which provides equity supported loans to boost the deposits of people buying new homes within the Help to Buy threshold levels.

Investors will be able to hold the Bonds as part of their annual ISA allowance, or receive tax-free income from it as part of their Personal Savings Allowance. 

St Mark Homes focuses on mid-price range developments typically selling at under £1,000 sq. ft., with Help-to-Buy eligible units making up 65-70% of overall stock on each site.  Demand for these homes remains strong, with the latest Government data showing over 120,000 properties have been sold through the scheme since it commenced in 2013, with 81% of these purchasers being first time buyers.

Funds raised through the Bond will be directly used to increase the number of developments delivered by St Mark Homes.

“Our aim is to source sites where we can build between 10 and 50 new homes of varying sizes, which would typically be sold off-plan.  The demand for new housing at this price point remains robust,” explains Barry Tansey, CEO of St Mark Homes. “We’ve been building houses for nearly twenty years and have experienced  both the downturn in 2007/8, as well as the boost provided to the industry by the Help-to-Buy scheme. 

“Our projects have and will continue to provide a range of housing, including first time buyer and affordable homes.  We’d like to expand what we’re doing, whilst being able to offer investors an attractive rate of return.”

St Mark Homes has been listed on the London NEX Growth Market and its predecessors since 2001.  Its Bond is the first fixed income investment offered by Crowdstacker since the platform announced it will be offering more than just P2P Loans.

“P2P Platforms are naturally evolving towards being a part of mainstream investing options and we see the inclusion of products such as Bonds and Loan Notes as a natural extension of what we seek to do – providing good quality fixed income investment opportunities for everyday investors,” explains Karteek Patel, CEO and co-founder of Crowdstacker.

“It also means we can choose the best investment structure for businesses seeking to borrow £1 million or more, whilst giving investors what we know they want, a fixed income, tax free earnings, and the ability to choose where their money is invested.

“Enabling investors to proactively choose exactly which businesses to make investments with is at the heart of our business model.  And by offering our members the chance to invest in St Mark Homes we are enabling them to gain exposure to the still buoyant Help-to-Buy market and support this country’s need for high quality, sensibly-priced housing.”

Further information on the Bonds can be found at

The Directors of St Mark Homes PLC accept responsibility for this announcement.

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