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New Accelerator Round for Pre-Seed Technology Entrepreneurs

Startup Giants’ mission is to invest in pre-seed and concept-stage companies, with the aim of growing these to “feed” the venture capital market at a later stage of the investee companies’ development.

January 1st 2018 has seen the Company officially launch a new Accelerator Round designed to select potential candidates for investment by Startup Giants. Young technology companies at the pre-seed-capital stage, which are incorporated with limited liability and registered in the UK, may now apply for investment and business mentoring assistance via the Company’s website on Over 500 candidates applied for funding in the Company’s previous accelerator round.

Initial applications are made by completing a 42-step online questionnaire to determine the nature of the concept, the team behind it and the extent of the team’s knowledge of the market niche that the applicant’s business proposition purports to address.

Applicants passing the initial screening process will then be interviewed by the Company’s director and founder, Jeremy Buckler, after which his selection team will decide whether the applicant qualifies to attend the Company’s intensive, six-week entrepreneurship and marketing course, for which only fifteen places are available. The course is designed to improve early-stage companies’ business and revenue models; and determine suitable methods of marketing.

Following satisfactory completion of the six-week course, remaining applicants then submit a business “pitch” to the Company’s independent Investment Advisory Panel. Successful candidates can receive allocations of up to £100,000-worth of conditional investment, to be released upon timely achievement of pre-determined milestones.

Jeremy Buckler, Chief Executive Officer
London, 11th January 2018 

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