Western Selection Plc - Result of AGM PR Newswire

6th December 2017

Western Selection P.L.C.
(“Western” or “the Company”)

Results of Annual General Meeting

Western Selection P.L.C. is pleased to announce that at its Annual General Meeting held yesterday, all resolutions put to the Meeting were passed by the required majority.

The proxy votes that would have been cast for each resolution, had a poll been held, were as follows:

Resolution    For    Against Withheld

    1      1,296,186    0       0

    2      1,296,186    0       0

    3      1,296,186    0       0

    5      1,296,186    0       0

    *6     1,296,186    0       0

    *7     1,296,186    0       0

*Special Resolution

At the Meeting, the Chairman, David Marshall, commented that it was pleasing to see the increase in the Company’s Net Assets including investments at market value, to £17,125,000 at the year end.

The directors of the Company accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.

Enquiries to:

Western Selection P.L.C.
020 7796 9060