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26/10/20  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Advisory Client Update Indorse 2.0 Light-Paper and IND Crypto Trading ContestView item
19/10/20  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Coinsilium shares commence trading on the OTCQB Venture Market in the United StatesView item
30/09/20  |  15:56Coinsilium Group Limited: UNAUDITED INTERIMS TO 30 JUNE 2020View item
22/09/20  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Indorse updates on IND Token Model and Upcoming Liquidity CampaignsView item
21/09/20  |  12:28Coinsilium Group Limited: Result of AGMView item
08/09/20  |  08:43DJ Coinsilium Group Limited: Indorse Post Covid Hackathon Progress UpdateView item
07/09/20  |  08:43DJ Coinsilium Group Limited: Publication of Report on Coinsilium DeFi Strategy View item
07/09/20  |  08:43DJ Coinsilium Group Limited: Publication of Report on Coinsilium DeFi Strategy View item
28/08/20  |  13:09Coinsilium Group Limited: Notice of AGMView item
10/08/20  |  08:58Coinsilium Group Limited: Hosting of DeFi Webinar ('DeFi')View item
07/08/20  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: New Decentralised Finance ('DeFi') Investor PresentationView item
31/07/20  |  12:18Coinsilium Group Limited: Final Results for the years ended 31 December 2019View item
13/07/20  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Coinsilium hones in on DeFi and Crypto Finance marketsView item
08/07/20  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: JV Agreement with IOV Labs and Strategic Business ReviewView item
26/06/20  |  12:59Extension of Reporting DeadlineView item
23/06/20  |  08:00Investee Company Update: Factom Inc.View item
11/06/20  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Post Covid Global Online Blockchain HackathonView item
18/05/20  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: New Advisory ClientView item
29/04/20  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: IOV Labs and hosting of online Crypto Investor WebinarView item
03/04/20  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Coinsilium Newsletter and Shareholder UpdateView item
02/04/20  |  14:18Coinsilium Group Limited: Investee Company Update: Factom Inc.View item
26/11/19  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: MOU re Launch of TerraStream Blockchain SolutionsView item
30/09/19  |  08:00RSK parent company acquires leading Social Network bringing Bitcoin technology to 30 million usersView item
27/09/19  |  08:00INTERIM FINANCIAL STATEMENTS TO 30 JUNE 2019View item
02/09/19  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Indorse Operational UpdateView item
29/07/19  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: New Advisory ClientView item
11/07/19  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Strategic Advisory AgreementView item
01/07/19  |  13:02Coinsilium Group Limited: Result of AGMView item
01/07/19  |  08:13Coinsilium Group Limited: AGM StatementView item
01/07/19  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited:View item
20/06/19  |  08:00Director's Share PurchaseView item
19/06/19  |  09:40India's Largest Media Group to Invest up to US$6.5million in IndorseView item
04/06/19  |  08:00Coinsilium New Advisory ClientView item
31/05/19  |  15:06Final Results to 31 December 2018 and Notice of AGMView item
08/05/19  |  15:11Coinsilium Group Limited: Holding in CompanyView item
01/05/19  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Purchase of Own Shares and Total Voting RightsView item
04/04/19  |  17:14Coinsilium Group Limited: Holding in CompanyView item
01/04/19  |  12:27Coinsilium Group Limited: Purchase of Own Shares and Total Voting RightsView item
13/03/19  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Gibraltar Operations Update - Coinsilium (Gibraltar) LimitedView item
21/01/19  |  15:03Coinsilium Group Limited: Directors' Purchases and Holdings in CompanyView item
14/01/19  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Strategic Business UpdateView item
31/12/18  |  11:07Coinsilium Group Limited: Total Voting RightsView item
18/12/18  |  13:08Coinsilium Group Limited: Director Share DealingView item
18/12/18  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: StartupToken receives inward investment from one of the world's major investment funds in blockchainView item
12/12/18  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: STRATEGIC FINANCINGView item
03/12/18  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Total Voting RightsView item
19/11/18  |  07:30Coinsilium Group Limited: RSK Labs acquired by RIF Labs and completes Private Token Sale View item
09/11/18  |  08:28Coinsilium Group Limited: Purchase of Own SharesView item
01/11/18  |  10:13Coinsilium Group Limited: Strategic Advisory partnership with Global Trade Exchange Platform LC LITEView item
31/10/18  |  15:49Coinsilium Group Limited: Total Voting RightsView item
31/10/18  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Establishment of Private Crypto Fund Update View item
08/10/18  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Issue of Shares for ServicesView item
03/10/18  |  13:11Coinsilium Group Limited: Strategic Partnership with the Blockchain Infrastructure Company Lition Technology AG for its US$25m Token SaleView item
28/09/18  |  15:42Coinsilium Group Limited: Unaudited Interim ResultsView item
10/09/18  |  13:28Coinsilium Group Limited: Holding(s) in CompanyView item
30/08/18  |  12:00Coinsilium Partners with Subsidiary of SGX-Listed Y VenturesView item
28/08/18  |  15:49Coinsilium enters into Strategic PartnershipView item
31/07/18  |  17:35Coinsilium Group Limited - Total Voting RightsView item
31/07/18  |  08:00Coinsilium appointed as advisors to Elevate Health Token SaleView item
16/07/18  |  08:00TerraStream strengthens team with new Advisory Board appointmentView item
09/07/18  |  15:07Purchase of Own SharesView item
02/07/18  |  18:29Result of AGMView item
29/06/18  |  18:09Total Voting RightsView item
27/06/18  |  08:00FANTOM Sells US$ 39.8m in Tokens,View item
31/05/18  |  08:00Final Results and Notice of AGMView item
10/05/18  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: Appointment to Advise on FANTOM's US$39.8m TGE View item
08/05/18  |  09:38Coinsilium Group Limited: Sale of Treasury SharesView item
24/04/18  |  08:00CoNew Advisory Client Win: PLACTAL insilium Group Limited: View item
05/04/18  |  08:00Coinsilium Group Limited: New Advisory Client Win: TrustedHealthView item
03/04/18  |  14:50Coinsilium Group Limited: Holding in CompanyView item
22/03/18  |  07:00Coinsilium exercises option to increase its stake in Indorse to 10%View item
09/03/18  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited - Purchase of Own Shares with Cash and CryptocurrencyView item
19/02/18  |  08:42Appointment of Mining Sector Advisor and TGE UpdateView item
23/01/18  |  14:45Coinsilium Group Limited - Advisory Services Update and Launch of Fund for TokensView item
15/01/18  |  11:49Coinsilium Group Limited - Holding(s) in CompanyView item
09/01/18  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited - Investment UpdateView item
02/01/18  |  09:30Coinsilium Group Limited - Total Voting RightsView item
22/12/17  |  10:53Coinsilium Group Limited - Holding(s) in CompanyView item
19/12/17  |  09:19Coinsilium Group Limited - Statement Regarding Share PriceView item
19/12/17  |  08:39Coinsilium Group Limited - Grant of OptionsView item
15/12/17  |  07:00Coinsilium Group Limited - Appointment to Hdac Token Event Advisory BoardView item
12/12/17  |  14:07Coinsilium Group Limited - Coinsilium Raises £720,000 in FundraisingView item